Bregenz Theater Kosmos shows four world premieres in 2022

The Bregenz Theater Kosmos will start this year’s season with the world premiere of “Limbus” by Florentina Hofbauer on January 13th. Five productions are on the schedule, including four world premieres, as the theater directors Hubert Dragaschnig and Augustin Jagg announced on Tuesday.

The motto of the schedule for 2022 is “Dream and Reality”. They hope to “be able to play normally again”, but also know about the fragility of the situation, it said.

“Limbus” starts with a corona-related delay

The world premiere of “Limbus” takes place with a delay of around one and a half years due to the pandemic. And on Thursday there won’t be a theater evening, “as we imagine it to be,” regretted Dragaschnig. Art needs an open heart and an open mind, in this time of restrictions and measures that is difficult to do. Nonetheless, stay confident. The question of “appearance or being” runs through the piece texts of the Kosmos productions in 2022.

“Limbus” (“Vorhölle”) is the winning piece of the Kosmodrom piece competition 2019 on the subject of “Who sows violence”. Svetlana Allilujewa, the daughter of Josef Stalin, and Nelly Mann, the wife of Heinrich Mann, meet on the stage. “They work through their biographies in a fictional encounter,” said Dragaschnig, describing the content of the piece. Both had to flow, Alliluyeva from the Soviet Union. Mann, on the other hand, had sympathy for the communists.

Further world premieres in the Bregenz cosmos

The idea of ​​a radically different society is also at the heart of “The kidnapping of Thomas G.” (World premiere: February 24th). Benjamin Blaikner created a commissioned work around Thomas Gratt from Vorarlberg, who joined a left-wing extremist terrorist organization in 1977 and played a key role in the kidnapping of the entrepreneur Walter Palmers. The piece is not a biography and does not make any claims to the truth, said Blaikner, who conducted interviews with Gratt’s sister and other companions to develop the work. Rather, socio-political movements are questioned in which violent resistance is understood as a justified response to normality that is perceived as lacking in perspective.

Also a commissioned work – “Don Quixote – a little way from the truth” – premieres in May. Philip Jenkins is still working on the piece. Dragaschnig described Don Quixote as the “most famous wanderer between the worlds”. Don Quixote’s creator Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was already concerned with the conflict between reality and ideal.

Further highlights in 2022

The world premiere of “Little Italy” by Kathi Klein, in November the premiere of “Escorial” by Michel de Ghelderode from 1930. Klein won the play competition of Theater Kosmos 2019 with “Little Italy”. In Palermo, the tourist Elisa tries to find herself in her self-definition “dramatic poem”. Whether this Palermo exists at all remains to be seen. In the one-act “Escorial” king and court jester swap roles.

In the Kosmodrom series, which is committed to promoting young authors, at least one world premiere – a play by Nico Raschner – is planned this year. The “Drama Atelier”, in which Kathi Klein developed “Little Italy”, will be continued in 2023 in cooperation with the “Wiener Wortstätten”. The rail is new “Cosmos Concert” – a concert series with four concerts per year, which fits into the respective orientation of the Kosmos program.

Theater Kosmos well positioned in a pandemic

The past two pandemic years have left their mark, Dragaschnig noted. It will take a certain amount of time “until people naturally attend events again,” he said. Financially, Theater Kosmos got through the pandemic well thanks to the support of the federal government, subsidy providers and sponsors, and freelancers were hit hard.



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