Breathalyzers have been stored in the terminal for more than a decade

Breathalyzers have been stored in the terminal for more than a decade

Situation. The devices remain stored in the facilities of the ANT Tungurahua.

In the offices of the National Transit Agency (ANT) of tungurahua they are trapped three breathalyzers they should be working on the Ambato Terrestrial Terminal.

These devices purchased in 2010, they have not been used for more than 10 years, they are currently in the corner of an office full of dust despite all the money that was invested in its acquisition.


The ANT bought 250 complete kits y 65 kiosk breathalyzers With an investment of 1 million 496 thousand 174 dollars, three of this group of devices were delivered for the Ambato Bus Terminal of Ingahurco, which was the only one that existed at that time.

In 2017 these devices were transferred to the terminal facilities according to an interview given by Alex Rosales, then terminal managerwho assured that the breathalyzers would have worked for about two years, after which, the three devices presented failures and they were no longer used.

1’496.174 DÓLARES Fue la inversión en la compra de estos dispositivos distribuidos en varias provincias.

“We have repeatedly sent the letters requesting the repair and maintenance of this equipment to the National transit agencysince it is their exclusive competence,” Rosales said at the time.

Currently, large breathalyzers such as those stored in the ANT are not used, mentions Orlando Suárez, driver, who explained that it is good that controls are carried out to avoid the alcohol consumption between the drivers and thus avoid accidents on the tracks

“Here in the terminal they do checks on all of us and also on the cars and that also helps to generate confidence in the passengers,” he assured.

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According to the figures of the ANT so far in 2023 there have been 51 accidents traffic in the province linked to the alcohol consumption or other intoxicating substance. These accidents caused 18 injured and 0 deceased.

La ANT compró 250 kits completos y 65 alcoholímetros tipo kiosco y llevan más de 10 años sin utilizarse.


This means of communication requested information on the use of breathalyzers from the National Transit Agency (ANT) in Tungurahua via email sent on May 19, 2023.

Until the closing of this edition, Thursday, June 8, 2023, no response was obtained from the State portfolio.

What happened in the province is not new in what has to do with the 65 breathalyzers acquired by the ANT, as demonstrated by a series of journalistic notes from different media outlets that reflect the same problem in provinces such as Guayas, Esmeraldas, Manabíamong others since 2017. (RMC)

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