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Militants of the National Action Party (PAN) denounced that they received telephone calls where people who identify themselves as members of the work team of Marko Cortés thanked them for providing their signature for their registration as a candidate for leadership renewal, even though they never did.

Through a video broadcast on social networks, Rocio Teyssier, who said he was a member of the PAN, indicated that he never signed for the candidate for the leadership of the party; He explained that he received a call from the municipality of Xalapa, Veracruz and another from Mexico City, and that in both situations he denied support for Cortés Mendoza.

“My name is Rocío Teyssier, I am a PAN militant, from here from Orizaba, Veracruz. I wanted to tell you that today I received two calls, one from Xalapa and another with a number from Mexico City, where they thanked me for signing in favor of our colleague Marko Cortés; in both cases, I let the two people who called me know that I did not sign in favor of Marko Cortés, that my signature is for Adriana Davila“, he expressed.

In both calls, he asked to be removed from the list of people who support Marko Cortés, if he was, and reiterated his support for Dávila.

“That if I was on a list in favor of them, they would do me the favor of rectifying, because I have not signed nor will I sign in favor of comrade Marko Cortés. I think he already had his opportunity and right now our best element to take charge of National Action is precisely Adriana Dávila, “he explained.

Another PAN militant in the Mexico state, who said her name was Elvia Jane, reported that she also received a call from the country’s capital for the same reason.

“The person who called me identified himself as part of the current candidate’s work team Marko Cortés; He informed me that the reason for the call was to confirm that my information was correct and to thank my signature to support the registration of the man, “he said.

He indicated that he was surprised to receive the call, he assured that at no time had he provided his data and that much less had he signed a document to support the registration of Cortes Mendoza, Therefore, he called on the Organizing Committee for the internal election to attend to the situation.

“I want to suppose that the people who have direct access or the responsibility of safeguarding the data contained in the national party registry are misusing my information and are abusing my trust by placing my signature. I want to make a careful appeal to the commission that organizes internal elections to address this irregularity, “he said.



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