Brasileirao 2023 guide: teams, stars and youngsters

Brasileirao 2023 guide: teams, stars and youngsters


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return the Brazilian, the most powerful championship of South America, with several incentives that make it attractive to followers from all over the planet. From the presence of Endrick as ‘nine’ of palm trees upon return to Fluminense of Marcelo or the incorporation of Suarez a Guild. These three names have already been important for their teams to rise champions in their respective state tournaments and now they must maintain regularity within a demanding calendar like few others.

He palm trees of Abel Ferreira will try to revalidate the title before an important series of candidates. The tournament is expected to be more even than ever with very powerful squads like those of Flamengo, Corinthians o Atlético miner. In addition, they have returned to the highest historical category as cruise o Vasco da Gamain this case with a significant financial investment. Baybought by the City Group A few months ago, he will also try to evolve to fight in the high positions of the table.

A championship full of names that have passed through European football with more or less success. Some veterans like Filipe Luis o Hulk and others much younger like Pedro o yuri albertowhich they have found in Brazil a place where you can still compete at the highest level. In addition, in this edition we find, as almost always, a high number of young people willing to attract the attention of the technical secretariats of the old continent. From Vitor Roque a Luis William going by Alexander, beraldo o Matheus Gonçalves.

America Mineiro

América will start the Brasileirao after losing in the final of the state tournament against Atlético Mineiro. They have curdled a good tournament and also amazed at the start of the Copa Sudamericana after beating Peñarol 4-1. It is a broad squad where very veteran players such as Wellington Paulista, Nino Paraiba, Aloisio or Juninho stand out. It will be important that others contribute so that the legs do not weigh too much with the passing of the dates.

Estrella: Martin Benitez. The Argentine arrived last season and did not achieve any regularity. This year the situation is very different and already in the Mineiro tournament it has been important until the end. He has the quality to handle himself in three quarters of the field, look for the final pass or define. Talent that the team needs.

young to follow: Arthur. The 20-year-old winger won the South American U-20 championship and has already signed for Bayer Leverkusen. He will be able to enjoy himself until he leaves for Germany to prepare for the next season with his new club. In addition, America will also lose it during the U-20 World Cup.

Athletico Paranaense

The team that reached the final of the Copa Libertadores last season has shown a level that is unattainable for the rest of the teams in the state tournament. He has walked until he reached the final and these games have served to see the evolution after the departure of Scolari. The group remains very similar and will be a rival to be avoided by anyone. Fernandinho is key in the midfield and there is no lack of experience in other lines. Pablo has marveled at his scoring nose in the first stage of the season.

Estrella: Victor Roque. The striker won the South American Sub-20 and has already made his debut with the senior team. He will be one of the great figures of the tournament before leaving for Europe. Powerful forward, with a formidable shot and with all the conditions to be part of the elite.

young to follow: Pedro. Last season he already added many minutes and in this year’s state he has been one of the most used players. At just 20 years old, 2023 must be important to him. With the departure of Abner, he is the new owner of the left-back.

Atlético Mineiro

The bad campaign of 2022 relegated them to the Brasileirao but now it seems that the entity has reacted with important signings that from the beginning have been essential to reach the group stage of the Copa Liberdores and also win the state tournament. A very complete squad despite the fact that Coudet complained bitterly about the lack of a forward who would allow him to have more options on offense.

Estrella: Hulk. Incredible performance in the state tournament and also in the preview of the Copa Libertadores. He has recovered the level of 2021 and seems to have found an ideal dance partner in the figure of Paulinho. He has set up some terrific free-kick goals early in the season.

young to follow: Paulinho. He is only 22 years old but he has already completed more than four in the Bundesliga, in the ranks of Bayer Leverkusen. He now returns to Brazil to make a difference. In European football he has never managed to establish himself and only last season he added a good handful of minutes. He has started well in the ranks of the Frenchman and has already scored important goals.


The team led by the City Group and coached by the Portuguese Paiva has conquered the Bahian state but in the Northeast League it has suffered much more. At the moment the staff leave certain doubts and the reinforcements must take a step forward. The objective must be permanence to be able to progress in the coming years and thus compete face to face with the best clubs in the country.

Estrella: Ademir. Recently arrived from Atlético Mineiro for a figure of more than 2 million euros. An important reinforcement for the offense of a team in need of a goal. In his best campaign, he scored 13 goals in the ranks of America and now he must take pride in leading a team with an ambitious plan. Powerful player who needs to recover sensations.

young to follow: Kayky. The player who promised so much in the lower ranks of Fluminense went to Europe with the help of City Group and failed to adapt to any of his destinations. Now he returns to Brazil in search of a campaign that allows him to mature and show his technical skills. He has the talent and now is the time to work and show.


Artur’s departure can do a lot of damage to the team. He has been the benchmark in recent years and had reached the maturity that the entity so needs. Now will be the time for others to appear and be able to maintain the level to compete in both the Brasileirao and the Copa Sudamericana, where they must fight for the title. The Red Bull club seems to have stalled since last season and will now have a demanding year under coach Caixinha with a squad that is perhaps too young. His most important reinforcement has been the left-back Juninho Capixaba.

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Estrella: Jadson Silva. The barely 21-year-old midfielder already accumulates significant experience. His best level left him in 2021, when the team reached the South American final. Player who supports the core, offers work and sacrifice without the ball. The most necessary piece to give stability to a team that at the moment leaves errors that are expensive in the elite.

young to follow: Gustavinho. Of all the youngsters that Bragantino accumulates, this attacker, barely 18 years old, has already had many minutes in the state tournament and also scored a magnificent goal on the first date of the Copa Sudamericana. He will have opportunities to leave more details like that and evolve. Left-handed, fast and with a good punch, as he has already shown.


2022 was disappointing because important reinforcements arrived and even so the team remained in the lower middle part of the table. At least they gained access to the Copa Sudamericana and now a higher performance should be required of them in the Brasileirao. The luso Luís Castro will have work ahead of him. In the state they were far from the best and have many problems from the midfield forward.

Estrella: Tche Tche. Cult player since he stood out in Audax in Paulistao in 2016, reaching the final. He has gone through several of the most important clubs in Brazil and now seems to find stability at Fogao. Midfielder of great technical quality and clairvoyance in the offensive phase.

young to follow: Matheus Birth. He was left without a South American Under-20 team after drastically lowering his level and this 2023 has not started well either. He only scored one goal in the state and is far from establishing himself in the starting team. Another bad year could complicate his career.


Despite having a squad of excellent level, they have not performed as expected in the stadium. The team fell surprisingly in the quarterfinals against Ituano and now they will have to face the start of the Brasileirao and the Copa Libertadores with certain doubts. Squad of experience and important names to compete for everything.

Estrella: Yuri Alberto. The International-trained striker will play one more season at the club after leaving Russian Zenit on loan. In Paulistao he scored four goals and received the award for the selection of the team at the end of March. He must surpass the eight goals converted in the past Brasileirao.

young to follow: Guilherme Biro. The versatile 18-year-old footballer lifted the South American Under-20 trophy, where he was a fundamental piece, and now he will look for more minutes with the first team after playing in two games in the last tournament. He can play on both sides and even in the mid lane. He versatile and powerful in the stopped ball.


The team will start the Brasileirao after a month without competitive activity. They fell disastrously in the quarterfinals of the state and they will have to improve a lot to stand up in the first rounds of the tournament. In addition, they suffered to advance to the third round of the Copa do Brasil. The team fell over the weeks and now the uncertainty with the performance is important.

Estrella: Alef Manga. In the last tournament he scored nine goals and the team will again depend largely on his success and the companions that arise around him. Powerful striker, 190 centimeters tall, who has earned the hard work of playing in the elite at a much later age than usual.

young to follow: Kaio Cesar. A short but skilful winger who played brilliant games at the state, where he was able to score three goals, including one against Athletico Paranaense. He can be important to change the rhythm of the games when the team needs to go for the result.


La Raposa returns to the Brasileirao after a superb campaign in Serie B, where they dominated with authority in a game-winning machine formed by Paulo Pezzolano. However, the Uruguayan coach left the team and the Portuguese Pepa arrived. Now the project enters a field of doubt just before reaching the important moment of the campaign. No players have arrived who make too big a leap in quality and the fans are not satisfied.

Estrella: Nikao. Although the exalted midfielder who was a hero at Athletico Paranaense failed to maintain his level in Sao Paulo, he is now confident of recovering the best version of himself to lead Cruzeiro. At the moment in the state he did not shine and doubts grow around his physical form. The quality is not questionable.

young to follow: Ian Lucas. At the age of 20, he has arrived on loan from Ferroviaria and has been very important at the beginning of the year. It is already valued to exercise the right of purchase. It has left such a good performance that you will even miss the first few games. decorated after receiving the call from the Brazilian U-20 team, which is preparing for the World Cup in the category.


After becoming champions in the Matogrossense state, the team will start this new edition of the Brasileirao with the illusion of certifying salvation once again and even fighting to play continental competition. However, Goiás gave them a warning in the semifinals of the Green Cup. Team that mixes youth with the experience of players who have even passed through Europe, such as defender Alan Empereur or Deyverson.

Estrella: Wellington Silva. He returns to Brazil from Japanese soccer and must provide criteria in the center of the field. If his physique allows it, a player who works without the ball and covers a lot of the field, with the ability to add in attack as well.

young to follow: Rikelme. 19-year-old left-back who has been called up by the Under-20 team. First player in the history of Cuiabá to receive the call from any category of the team. He has a good punch, he is already the protagonist at set pieces and has the power to tirelessly cover his band.

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Mengao has not started 2023 in the desired way and has let slip several titles that they dreamed of and others in which they started as clear favorites. The figures have not started at the expected level and practically no one is saved from poor performance. However, the squad is of the highest level and there are also youngsters who ask for a step, especially Matheus França. The current champion of the Libertadores will also want to add titles in local soccer and must be a firm candidate.

Estrella: Pedro. In a team like Flamengo there are several candidates to be the star of the squad, but the striker is the one chosen because of the ability he showed last season to be key at the peak moments of the season. He was in Qatar 2022 and is undoubtedly one of the great scorers in South American football. In addition, he adapted wonderfully to play alongside Gabigol.

young to follow: Matheus Gonçalves has been one of the few good news for the team in the first months of 2023. He has added more and more minutes and has left excellent games and important goals. Skillful player in the overflow, daring and vertical. It’s not easy to find a place in a squad of such a level.


The carioca team arrives launched after conquering the carioca state with a match for history. Dinizismo is living its best moment and the squad is enjoying itself on the pitch. From a regular Goose like never before to the power of the midfielder or the mobility of the attackers. Good play and results go hand in hand and the challenge must be to fight for the championship despite the fact that the squad is not as large as the coaching staff would like. Marcelo has started on the right foot and can contribute at key moments.

Estrella: German Cano. His year 2022 seemed unrepeatable but 2023 has started it at a very similar level, even higher at times. His scoring nose remains intact and a good part of the success of a well-oiled team that knows how to find his reference in the area to finish off his attack passes through him.

young to follow: Alexsander. This year should be the year of his confirmation. He shone in the U-20 South American as a midfielder and Diniz has used him on the left side, where he has also performed at a high level. Therefore, a versatile player with physical, tactical and technical resources that is very valuable throughout the season.


The Northeast team experienced a significant disappointment when they fell in the preliminary phase of the Copa Libertadores at the hands of Cerro Porteño but even so, 2023 should be exciting for them. They have raised the state after beating Ceará, they started the South American with a win and also in the Copa do Brasil they left an offensive exhibition. A well-armed team, which takes advantage of all its home games and with highly contrasted players like Pikachu or Thiago Gallardo.

Estrella: Bright Star. The 31-year-old Argentinian arrived from Colo Colo and has already scored nine goals so far this season. He has adapted well to the forward and to form a pair with Gallardo. Mobile player, with a nose and eager to succeed in Brazil after a career that even led him to play in Malaysia in 2021.

young to follow: Ceballos. The 21-year-old from Cali already added quite a few minutes last year. He played in 16 matches for the Brasileirao and seems to be evolving as expected. Central defender in very good physical condition. In addition, he arrives at the start of the championship with high spirits after having debuted as a scorer in the cup match against his fans.


Goiás arrives with doubts after losing the final of the Goianiense state. However, they did manage to access the final of the Green Cup with great merit. They will also play the South American this season and it will be quite a challenge for a squad that is not so extensive. Some reinforcements have arrived to complete each line but no figure stands out who can make a significant leap in quality to the squad.

Estrella: Nicholas. This year he has left eight goals in the Goianiense tournament and has been the main gunner. He has never left figures that are too high, but in 2023 it is expected that he can reach high levels. He is already 33 years old but maintains regularity in his game and physical capacity to complete the campaign. In 2021 he played in Serie C and already last season he contributed five goals.

young to follow: Kauan. At just 17 years old, he has already participated in seven matches in the state tournament, two in the Copa do Brasil and another in the Copa Verde. He has managed to score two goals and it has turned out to be the team’s great appearance at the start of the year. Fast, skilled player and although he does not have a flashy physique, he performs well in the area.


The gaucho team has beaten the state team, although with enormous suffering in the final, and it seems that they will fight to occupy high positions in the table despite being recently promoted. The team has worked since day one with Renato Gaucho and figures who have experienced a thousand battles and who wants to return the tricolor to the elite after the nightmare experienced in 2021. In addition to Suárez, recognized figures such as Fabio and others who are already very important have arrived as Reign.

Estrella: Luis Suarez. From the first day he has marveled at his goals in the state tournament and he will be one of the big names throughout the year. He must compete to be the top scorer for the Brasilierao to lead his team to fight to enter the next Copa Libertadores. He maintains his motivation and his winning streak has already shown it on his return to Nacional.

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young to follow: Adrian. At the age of 22, his opportunity to defend the Gremio goal has come. Last season he only played one match but now he has already been fundamental in the state and in the first matches of the Copa do Brasil. Large and stable.


The gaucho cadre drags on some very irregular years. It has been difficult for him to keep his figures, the most important signings have often not worked as expected and there are usually no improvements from the base either. However, last season they managed to finish the Brasileirao in second place in a performance of great merit. This year the atmosphere is already heated in the fans after the elimination in the semifinals of the state at the hands of the modest Caxias.

Estrella: Allan Patrick. The talented 32-year-old midfielder returned to the entity last season after a fruitful stint at Ukrainian side Shakhtar and was already fundamental at the Brasileirao. This year he has also started at a good level and his experience must now be used in the continental competition so as not to suffer a setback much sooner than expected.

young to follow: Mauricio. The 21-year-old midfielder has found regularity in his game and has earned an important place in the squad. He can appear in any sector of the attack and for this year he should be asked for a jump in his scoring contribution. In the past, Brasileirao has scored six goals and in the recently completed stadium he scored four goals.

palm trees

The São Paulo team has started the year at a high level. They beat Flmengo in the Super Cup and in the state they have been intractable. A well-armed team that has lost several important figures but maintains its character and competitiveness. Another of the main candidates for the title with players who know what it is to win the tournament. With Rony and Raphael Veiga who have made their debut as absolute internationals and with the presence of Endrick at the tip of the attack.

Estrella: Rony. He made his international debut in a well-deserved way after several seasons in which he has won everything with Verdao. In this 2023 he has scored regularly and seems to have a higher degree of maturity. He knows he is important to the team and shows it with character and a hunger for victory.

young to follow: Endrick. No matter how much has been said about him and Real Madrid already closed the signing of him. He is barely 16 years old and the start of the season has weighed on him. He has not managed to score in Paulistao despite playing a good part of the tournament as a starter and ended it without playing. He needs time and to regain confidence.


The Peixe is going through a very delicate moment. In Paulistao, he did not even reach the quarterfinals after several forgettable performances and neither the youngsters nor those who should give experience and level perform with ease. Mendoza arrived and was one of the highlights at the beginning of the year but more troops are needed to complete the season without suffering more failures, be it in the Brasileirao, the Sudamericana or the Copa do Brasil.

Estrella: Marcos Leonardo. The nine of the team will be essential to, with his goals, assert the deficiencies of the team. Already in the previous Brasileirao he scored 13 goals and in the Paulistao he has added another four. Complete striker with ease to appear at the right moment. He will need accompaniment but there is no doubt about his level.

young to follow: Miguelito. The Bolivian winger drew attention to the Under-20 team last year and is already international for his country. At the end of March he was a starter for the first time and in his country they have given him the responsibility of leading this generation. He has class to overflow and a lot of goals.

São Paulo

The tricolor fell in the Paulistao quarterfinals against the surprising Agua Santa and there the rhythm of a team that left a more than decent regular season with seven wins in 12 games stopped. In the South American they have also started with victory and now they will pick up pace again in the calendar with a squad that has not added notable reinforcements, beyond Rafael to give stability to the goal or Wellington Rato, who has been important as soon as he arrived from Atlético Goianiense .

Estrella: Galoppo. The Argentine arrived in Sao Paulo last season but it was in 2023 when he broke out with eight goals at Paulistao. A breath of fresh air, daring and punch that the team needed. Now he will have a higher demand, we will see if he meets the expectations.

young to follow: Beraldo. At just 19 years old, he has established himself as a left-footed center back, one of the most coveted spots on the market. He is tall and has been very solvent in the state tournament. He already debuted last season and now confirmation of him must arrive. He stands out for his good ball output, where he is the clear protagonist.

Vasco da Gama

The Rio de Janeiro team has made a large investment in recent months and it has already been seen that it can stand up to important teams like Flamengo, who won a match at the stadium. Pieces still have to be put together but there is experience in players like Alex Teixeira and also youth to be developed in figures like Marlon or Figueiredo.

Estrella: Pedro Raul. He comes from Goiás, where in the past Brasilierao scored an incredible 19 goals. In the state he has already added six to demonstrate a rapid adaptation. Now, in a team with more possibilities and clearly growing, it is expected that he can fight to finish in the top of the scoring table.

young to follow: Andrew Santos. The 18-year-old will leave for Chelsea in June but before that he will be able to play his last games with the team where he grew up and shone last season in Serie B. A total midfielder like him he showed in the South American U-20. He has everything to dazzle in Europe.

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