Branson Raises the Possibility of Building a “Hotel on the Moon” After His First Space Flight


13 Jul 2021 22:09 GMT

The businessman confessed that the trip aboard the VSS Unity was an experience “more extreme than he ever imagined.”

After his successful flight into space aboard the SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity, British billionaire Richard Branson unveiled his ambitious plans for the future and did not rule out the possibility of ever building “a hotel on the Moon.”

“If we ever build a hotel on the Moon, what It’s something I’ve always dreamed of, or if we let my children do it, it will have to be seen. But that is another dream that, if I have time in my life, I would love to fulfill one day, “he told the PA news agency.

The 70-year-old businessman called “glorious” the first trip with passengers of his space tourism company Virgin Galactic, made on July 11. According to his words, it was an experience “more extreme than I ever imagined”.

The ship was lifted by the double-fuselage VMS Eve propeller to an altitude of 15 kilometers, where it broke off and ascended into space, reaching 89 kilometers. The historic flight lasted 90 minutes.

It was the dream of a lifetime. Dreams don’t come true very often, and it was just wonderful: everything I could have dreamed about happened (…) It’s as if time slows down and everything is more extreme than one might expect, “he confessed.

“One of the most ridiculous moments is … unbuttoning and drifting off, and then floating to the top of the roof and look down on our beautiful Earth, and see other people floating next to you and realize and tell you ‘I’m an astronaut’, “he continued.

Branson said his company plans to “build many more spacecraft,” something that, over time, will help reduce the cost of a trip to space.

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