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After the knockdown and beating on the canvas, the impacts caused blood to spurt on the face of Brandon Moreno; for that moment, the New Zealander Kai Kara-France seemed to be heading for victory UFC 277Although he did not have the cunning of the aztec fighter.

Brandona warrior of the octagons and surely thinking that they could stop the fight, valid for a title, he took a hat out of his hat liver kick and so ended with the Auckland, New Zealand.

Kai He immediately collapsed, because they say that no one recovers from those blows and, with obvious pain, he was still prey to the punching from Moreno, so immediately afterwards the referee decided that no more and then the Mexican put on his Interim Flyweight Championshipwaiting to validate the absolute with the Brazilian Deiveson Figueiredoin what would be his fourth confrontation.

How was Brandon’s face?

In what was the hangover of this brawl, the most important MMA circuit in the world showed a picture that shows the face of Tijuana totally inflamedbecause the blows he received could have been accurate.

Even the legend that accompanied the image of the UFC, signed: “the face of a true Champion”.

The Tijuana native’s cheekbone has some stitches, since it was opened on that part, one that was already damaged.

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