“Brain fog”: forgetfulness as a corona symptom – Covid-19 drug should help

The researchers refer to the neurological corona symptoms such as memory gaps as “brain fog”. (Symbol photo)

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Numerous Covid-19 sufferers complain of neurological symptoms, such as memory loss after a corona infection. Doctors are now investigating a drug that could help.

New Haven / San Francisco / London – The symptoms of a Corona * infection are well known. Nevertheless, they always turn out individually, depending on the immune system. Some patients “felt” nothing, others report signs that are similar to flu. In some cases, hospitalization is even necessary, as corona symptoms * such as shortness of breath or thrombosis occur. Surprisingly, a new corona symptom was recently identified in vaccinated people. As experts are now reporting to the journal Nature, around 80% of inpatients say they have neurological symptoms. Neurological symptoms can be, for example, forgetfulness or memory loss, but also a stroke. *

In this regard, experts are investigating a drug that could contain and treat such signs. Serena Spudich, a neurologist at Yale University, is doing research – and based on her study results, asks herself the question: “Can we intervene early to treat these anomalies so that people don’t get long-term problems?”

Covid-19: Corona drug against forgetfulness is being tested

According to the current state of science, it is assumed that so-called astrocytes, a special type of cell in the brain, are attacked by coronaviruses. Arnold Kriegstein, a neurologist at the University of California in San Francisco, explains the value of astrocytes to the brain: “Astrocytes do a lot that supports normal brain function, including supplying neurons with nutrients to keep them functional” says Kriegstein according to Nature. “Infected astrocytes could explain some of the neurological symptoms associated with Covid-19, most notably fatigue, depression and ‘brain fog’ which includes confusion and forgetfulness,” the researcher said.

Breakthrough in corona research?

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In addition to direct attacks by the virus on cells, Covid-19 also triggers a disruption of blood circulation. The blood circulation in the brain is partially massively disrupted in this way, which could lead to neurological symptoms, emphasized the scientists. In addition, the increased production of immune molecules triggered by Covid-19 is an explanation for signs such as memory loss.

Another approach to treating such symptoms is the theory of neuroscientist David Attwell. He is studying the phenomenon at University College London. According to the Nature report, he believes that drugs for blood pressure, which are supposed to trigger constricted blood vessels, could help against Covid-19 and neurological symptoms. Two clinical studies are already running on this. (do) * hna.de, fr.de and merkur.de are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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