The Chamber of Bragança announced this Wednesday that it has decided to cancel part of the activities planned for December as part of the Terra Natal and Bienal da Máscara programs, due to the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic.

The tenth Bienal da Máscara, Mascararte, is held between Thursday and December 6th, as well as Bragança Terra Natal and Sonhos, during the month of December, but with several activities cancelled, namely those that imply greater gathering of people.

The laboratory and the workshop scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday are canceled at the mask biennial, as well as, also on Saturday, the parade through the streets and the show at Queima do Mascareto.

Between December 1st and January 6th, Terra Natal e de Sonhos is practically reduced to street lighting and animation, and to the ice rink and other entertainment installed in Praça Camões.

Even so, as specified by the municipality, in a statement, “preventive measures will be implemented”, such as the “control of entrances and exits of visitors, with space sealing, reduction of the ice rink’s capacity, stations for hand disinfection, at the entrance and outgoing visitors”.

The use of a mask will be mandatory and there will be “disinfection of equipment used in the ice rink”, as well as reinforcement of human resources”.


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