Brad Stevens discusses possible Isaiah Thomas return to Boston

Signed by the Lakers for two 10-day contracts, then by the Mavericks for a 10-day contract, Isaiah Thomas did not convince and is now without a club. Since there were rumors of an interest from the Celtics this summer, there’s been a lot of speculation that the point guard will return to Boston, where he had his best years. We can not say that the Celtics are provided for the position of point guard, moreover Dennis Schröder would be on the transfer list, and some Celtics fans would like to see “the king of the fourth” return. Passing through the program Toucher and Rich, Brad Stevens mentioned a possible return.

“I’m a huge Isaiah fan, always have been,” Stevens explained. “I am one of his big fans, and obviously I am by far. The situation of our workforce is complicated enough that we have to see how the coming month will go to see where it is and what we look like. Then we will make other decisions if we have roster spots or additions to make. “

If he is still a fan favorite, there are still big doubts about his real contribution to the floor. However, he could be a valuable veteran in the locker room.

“There are a lot of factors to consider in a squad. Each team has its contractual situation, its flexibility, and these are things that come into play in all these decisions. But all the teams benefit from this kind of energy, from this leadership, from players who can take on several roles. » Stevens

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