October 11, 2021 12:19 pm

People’s Artist of the RSFSR Mikhail Boyarsky in an interview with RIA Novosti admitted that his son convinced him to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Sergei Boyarsky was vaccinated, and then recommended it to his parents. “Larisa and I were also vaccinated. I know that many people have already been re-vaccinated, but since I got sick not so long ago, it’s too early for me to do it, ”says the artist. Boyarsky’s doctor confirmed to him that it was too early to get revaccinated.

Now Boyarsky plans to get a flu shot. He is sure that it was thanks to the vaccination that he fell ill in July in a mild form.

Earlier, the son of Mikhail Boyarsky Sergei toldhow his father feels after suffering from the coronavirus infection COVID-19. The fact that Mikhail Boyarsky was hospitalized at the Botkin hospital in St. Petersburg with a coronavirus became known on July 14. Larisa Luppian, wife of Mikhail Boyarsky and artistic director of the Lensovet Theater, clarifiedthat the artist did not have a temperature.


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