The two-year-old was traveling alone for 24 hours

A two-year-old boy wandered alone in Miramar, Florida, for almost 24 hours until the police finally found him. The officials are now desperately looking for his family – so far without success. The detectives responsible are very worried about his mother.

“Nobody recognizes the child”: police look for clues

With a full diaper, the little boy wandered aimlessly through Florida for almost a whole day, and was found in Miramar on Sunday morning (July 26). He was alone.

“His family was not found,” the police tweeted a day later. “The officials spent hours exploring the area, knocking on doors and talking to the neighbors. Nobody recognizes the child, who appears to be 2-3 years old.” After that, some tips were received, but so far the boy’s identity remains unclear. “Donate diapers or welcome him to your home. We look forward to all the offers. He is currently being looked after by a foster parent and equipped with the necessary items. The best help was to share his picture and to help us with tips Thank you! “, the police wrote on Monday (July 27th).

Detectives are looking for the boy’s mother: “We care about her safety”

According to Twitter, the officials received a crucial tip a few hours ago: “Detectives are now actively looking for Leila Cavett, who may be the mother of the child found yesterday. We care about her safety and well-being. She was last seen when she was one white Chevy 3500 (mid to late 90s model) with a maroon or red tailgate, “the police wrote, urgently asking for information. Even a photo of the suspected mother’s car was shared.

Concerns about the missing mother are now spreading on Twitter. “I pray that you will find his mother alive and well,” writes a user. Another writes: “I pray for both!”

The various posts by officials from Miramar have already been shared a hundred times, many users claim in the comments that they have clues. Hopefully the right ones, so that mother and son are quickly reunited.