Boy (10) threatens with gun violence at school: ‘Get ready for a mass shooting’ | Abroad

Sheriff Carmine Marceno takes the child’s threats very seriously: “If a 10-year-old boy opens fire, the outcome is the same regardless of his age,” he told Colombia’s W Radio. “We take any threat seriously.”

Police released the arrest video of fifth-grader Daniel Issac Marquez of Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral last Saturday after a tipster forwarded the boy’s threats to police that same day. In these messages, the boy tells a friend to “get ready” for a mass shooting. He added an internet photo to the message showing money, according to the arrest report the New York Post writes.

Text continues below the video.

‘Get ready’

Daniel then sent a photo of four automatic weapons with the message ‘get ready for water day’, a reference to a recent school outing that featured various activities involving water.

“You don’t come to any of my schools in my district with deadly force. We are fighting this with deadly force,” Marceno says. “If you think you want to kill a child, teacher or faculty member, remember that we will kill you immediately.”

Since the Texas school shooting that killed two teachers and 19 students, the discussion about stricter gun laws in the United States has flared up again.



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