Bouygues Construction is taking over the Pawtucket Tunnel in Rhode Island

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As part of the water quality improvement program for Narragansett Bay, the Narragansett Bay Commission entrusted the joint venture CB3A, consisting of CBNA (US subsidiary of Bouygues Travaux Publics) and the local public works company Barletta Heavy Division, to carry out the works. of the Pawtucket Tunnel. Total amount of the contract: €394 million.

Located in the Rhode Island Delta, approximately 75 km south of Boston, the Pawtucket Tunnel Project is the first part of Phase 3 of the bay’s water management modernization program.

CB3A is in charge of the design and construction of the tunnel and its ancillary works. The 3.5 km long main tunnel will be excavated along the Seekonk River with a specially designed tunnel boring machine to suit the varied geology of the route.

The 9m diameter structure will capture and store much of the region’s rainwater, waste water and industrial water while it awaits treatment by the water treatment plant.

The project also includes the excavation of 3 main wells, one of which will serve as a pumping station and supply the existing treatment station. 4 ditch pits will also be built which are intended to collect water, as well as their connecting tunnels with the main tunnel.

CB3A will rely on the engineering company Aecom to carry out the execution studies and will also promote local employment and the integration of SMEs in the organization of the works. The duration of the contract is 48 months.

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