Boursorama: this weekend, online banking pulverizes its welcome bonus

Boursorama, elected the cheapest bank in France for the 15th consecutive year, goes even further this weekend and explodes its welcome bonus for its new customers. A more generous than ever Pink Weekend which is sure to be a hit.

During this sales period, Boursorama gratifies its new customers by signing the return of its Pink Week-End operation which allows them to obtain a welcome bonus of 150 euros. A few conditions are required to take advantage of it, but it is not very complicated.

Thus, throughout this weekend, you can receive XL compensation for opening an account. Boursorama gives you the possibility to receive 150 euros for this step. This is a very large sum offered, without any conditions. Validating the account earns 80 euros and using the EasyMove service earns 70 euros. It does not take more to receive it. The code to use is PWEEK150.

Open a Boursorama Bank account

Receive a 150 euro bonus for a free account, without income conditions and without commitment, it’s the ultimate dream. With this new operation, Boursorama further establishes its status as “the cheapest bank in France” which it has held for 15 years already. Boursorama bank has it all.

This is not surprising given the variety and quality of the services it offers to its customers: an account and a free credit card, savings and stock market solutions, consumer and real estate loans, insurance, interfaces simple and effective, responsive customer support and above all an unbeatable price list.

How to get the bonus of 150 euros?

Very few banks in the market these days offer a welcome bonus. Generally, only a few online banks offer it. And when this is the case, the latter apply allocation conditions that make this famous welcome bonus difficult to obtain. For example, it is often necessary to provide proof or domiciliation of income or else a usage quota to be respected.

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At Boursorama Banque, the welcome bonus is extremely popular since it is very easy to win. By following the account opening procedure, you are almost sure to receive the full cash bonus in the end. So when an operation of this kind arises, it is a unique opportunity that should not be missed.

With such an attractive amount, Boursorama recorded a considerable increase in opening requests during this special Pink Weekend operation. The majority of French people have understood that this is the ideal time to open an account and at the same time do good business. Concretely, here is how to get the 150 euros bonus promised by the bank.

First of all, validating your account earns you 80 euros in cash. To do this, use the code PWEEK150 in your subscription form. Then, during the first use of the free EasyMove service, you will receive the remaining 70 euros. By following the procedure to the letter, you will therefore very easily obtain these 150 euros.

Open a Boursorama Bank account

At Boursorama Banque, the Ultim card is the most popular in the range. The latter is equivalent to a Visa Premier (only its name changes). It is free and does not require any minimum income requirement. It’s a card that everyone can enjoy. In order for it to remain free, it must be used at least once a month. This is the only condition put in place by online banking.

And because mobility has become legion in recent years, Boursorama Banque offers mobile payment. It is also much better placed at this level than the majority of neo-banks (our comparison here) which pride themselves on being the most modern. With your Boursorama account, you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay. It is the only establishment in France, which offers so many solutions, all for free!

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The premium online bank

With a very high level of satisfaction, almost all Boursorama Banque customers have a unanimous opinion: the bank hasn’t stolen and fully deserves its title of best online bank. Whether it’s how it manages daily finances, but also other products (passbooks, loans, insurance, etc.), it is very intuitive and its applications allow it to manage its accounts independently.

Thus, you will no longer have to wait for an interminable time to reach a bank advisor. Everything is controllable from the interfaces. It is not for nothing that Boursorama was elected best digital bank in Europe and best customer service (Podium for Customer Relations).

Whatever your need for assistance, you will always find an answer to your questions. Where it is strong and stands out from its competitors is in its pricing. For standard use, it is free. Even internationally, the Ultim card (which represents almost all account openings) is more advantageous than an N26 or Revolut card.

Also, all payments are free and unlimited, even in foreign currencies. If you make withdrawals outside the euro zone, you have three which are free per month (then 1.69% thereafter), with no limit on the amount. The ideal way to convince yourself of the effectiveness of Boursorama Banque is to open an account and try it out for yourself.

The procedure only takes a few minutes and requires no commitment. If you do it between January 13 and 16, you can even take advantage of this generous bonus of 150 euros as a welcome. Online banking knows how to do it, it will never disappoint you.

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To discover the Pink Weekend, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Pink Weekend



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