Boston Micro Fabrication Raises $43M in Series C Funding

3D printing company Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) has successfully raised $43 million in a Series C funding round. The company will use the millions in capital to expand its global presence, among other things. We summarize the most important things about the topic.


3D printing company Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) secures $43 million (EUR 42.4 million) in funding by completing a Series C funding round. Shenzhen Capital Group led the round and intends to Supporting BMF’s push into 3D printing of consumer applications. This should be reflected in the further development of products, in sales, marketing and customer care at BMF.

High-precision parts with PµSL 3D printing technology

tiny model of a Crew Dragon Spacecraft and a small cube for size comparison
The founder of the company was given the opportunity to print a model of the Crew Dragon spacecraft with an overall width of 30 mm and depth of 15.8 mm and a height of 27.5 mm (pictured: model with cube to create the See size comparison)(Picture © BMF).

Founded in 2016, Boston Micro Fabrication is best known for its 3D printing of small, high-precision parts using Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL). According to the company, the demand for parts with tolerances in the micron range is increasing. BMF doubled the number of systems installed at more than 200 customer sites last year. These are customers from the electronics industry, medical technology, optics/photonics, microfluidics and research.

Boston Micro Fabrication customers use their 3D printing systems for prototype and end-use parts that were previously impossible or difficult to achieve with 3D printing. The company plans to open two new facilities in the greater Boston and Shenzhen areas and expand its global footprint. A partnership with 4D Biomaterials aims to enable micro 3D printing applications. The company also partnered with Carnegie Melon University on a vaccine research project.

BMF about the future

BMF CEO John Kawola said:

“BMF plans to use the investment to further expand into consumer applications. This includes developments in materials, processes, software and automation, as well as partnerships with end-product companies equipped with BMF’s solutions. Miniaturization continues to increase and manufacturing micro parts using conventional methods is slow and expensive. Additive manufacturing has historically been a great solution for unlocking design freedom and making complex and difficult geometries, and micro-scale parts fit right into that category.”

Video of the microArch S240 3D printing system


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