Boston college employee fired over repeated anti-Semitic graffiti

JTA — A Boston-area college has fired the employee responsible, the institute says, for terrorizing the campus for months with his anti-Semitic and racist messages.

Curry College, in the suburb of Milton, announced Thursday that it had identified the author of graffiti depicting swastikas and other hateful messages, which began to appear on campus last January, on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

University President Kenneth Quigley Jr said the culprit was identified with the help of an FBI investigation, and the employee was “fired and removed from our community.” At least five separate acts of vandalism were reported, targeting both Jewish and black students at the university.

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The employee is not currently facing criminal charges, according to the Boston Globe.

“The college recognizes and regrets the impact these acts of discrimination have had on our students, families, faculty and staff throughout the spring semester and hopes this will allow us to continue moving forward. ,” Quigley wrote in his statement. “We hope this will bring closure to the series of events that we have all suffered. »

Curry College had taken intense action to protect students at the height of the graffiti, moving classes online in February after threats against the black community mentioned a specific date. Hundreds of people participated in rallies and marches in support of targeted communities on campus. The school had also offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the author of the graffiti.

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