Bosch as a European semiconductor “savior”

After batteries, semiconductors. The current decade is definitely one of turnaround for Europe, which, in certain areas, intends to reduce its dependence on Asia. The pandemic and the rebound in the economy have created a huge bottleneck on semiconductors, as the automobile becomes more and more greedy in the matter, the fault of new on-board technologies and excessive connectivity. .

Problem: the world leaders in semiconductor are Asian. But for Bosch, the schedule is almost perfect. One of the world’s largest automotive suppliers began in 2018 to build a semiconductor factory near Dresden, without anticipating the crisis that was to come.

This week, the highest German and European politicians inaugurated this factory, which will therefore produce these small essential components. But Bosch immediately warns: the German company will not be a “super hero”. And even if this factory will make it possible to reduce, a little, the current crisis in the sector, it remains dependent on certain suppliers outside Europe.

The first deliveries for the automotive industry will be made next September.

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