He anime of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations They’ve certainly taken their time to bring the terror group Kara to light and episode 157 finally introduced them. The villains were discovered by Sasuke and Sai, who were in Amegakure “The Hidden Village in the Rain”, to decipher certain clues about their new enemies.

Fans are disappointed with Boruto

However, for those who have waited so long and read the manga series on which the animation is based, they have commented that the new arc has been disappointing. Well at the end of episode 157, Sasuke and Sai fail to save Garashi, a fanatic dedicated to Kara who commits suicide so that he cannot be interrogated for information.

This leads Jigen, Kara’s boss, to his hideout to discuss what happened to the other members and surprisingly he does not say that his secret facility was discovered. He admits that he should have been decommissioned, but quickly moves on, ruling out the incident and not caring that Shinobis of Konoha already know of the site.

Boruto anime episodio 157

Fans feel that this is quite “silly”, because Jigen knows that ninjas like Sasuke and Naruto will be a threat to the Kara project. He doesn’t even hold the Inner Circle accountable and goes to another point on the agenda, when he should ask who is responsible for letting enemies pass through to his labs.

After all, this would put the Great Ninja Nations on their way. It is simply contradictory to his secret and frankly, he shows it sloppy from a creative point of view. Readers of the manga know that Jigen doesn’t want his plans to be jeopardized, but the site brings back many memories of the Akatsuki group they saw in Naruto: Shippuden.

They also mentioned that the way they portray themselves, “is a scam of Akatsuki’s introduction, as both groups are hooded with a speaking boss.” More character and information could have been obtained if other members had discussed, but it is still very similar to what we saw from Tobi (Obito Uchiha).

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In conclusion, things with Kara in the anime feel like a “bad spin-off” from Akatsuki. Only the new villains have quiet personalities and fans perceive them as mindless slaves. Jigen’s speech is not inspiring, it lacks any kind of urgency and gravity.