Börse Express – Nintendo share: New console maybe not until 2024 – right strategy?

In the NintendoShare (NASDAQ: NASDAQOTH) sooner or later, it’s about what’s coming after the switch. If we look at the chronology, we can see that the console will celebrate its fifth birthday in March. That is, without a doubt, a long period in the life cycle of a video game console.

However, it gets, hm, harder. As it is now rumored, the management of the Nintendo share is apparently only planning for the year 2024 with new hardware. Maybe that’s the right strategy. Whereby another rumor may have to be overturned.

Nintendo share: Switch successor 2024?

More precisely, it is Piers Harding-Rolls from Ampere Analysis, who is now daring this prediction. In his opinion, the successor to the Switch will only appear in 2024. This goes hand in hand with the fact that there will be no Pro model of the popular home game console from Nintendo.

The said analyst points out that despite the time spent in the fifth and even the beginning of the sixth year in the life cycle, 21 units of the switch will be sold again this year. This makes the model the most popular console. A continuation of the success for the Nintendo share, although the numbers are probably slowly declining.

This forecast fits the assessment of the management behind the Nintendo share. Some time ago, those responsible stated that the switch was about halfway through its life cycle. Or translated: A successor console does not have to appear anytime soon. But of course no Pro model would have ruled that out. If the reports hold up, some of the success has come from the console, which has already brought a lot of units to the consumer. But: It seems possible, of course.

Longer dwell time, more different focus

Management of Nintendo stock may not be done in terms of monetization and the next level in the console market. Perhaps this is also due to recent forays into gaming streaming, which still has a platform-bound name with Switch Online. Without a doubt, this is another growth market that should even take some cyclicality out of the console business. And raise the monetization of a large device base to a new level.

In this respect, it is possible that the Switch will remain in the market for a few more years. How does the stock market feel about it, how do investors rate it, and whether consumers are loyal to this literally aging console? Relevant questions … assuming that these rumors generally hold true.

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