The British prime minister is being criticized for his speech this Monday at the Confederation of British Industry. A political intervention was expected, but Boris Johnson did not find the sheets with the speech and, looking confused, preferred to spend the time praising the cartoon Porquinha Peppa.

The visit was important and the speech much awaited. after Boris Johnson not having found the speech papers, decided to improvise. Chose a topic that no one expected: the theme park dedicated to a cartoon.

I went to Peppa Pig World, I don’t know if they’ve been there. Who was? Hands in the air, who’s been to Peppa Pig World”, began the prime minister. “I was a little confused about what I was going to find at Peppa Pig World, but I loved it! Peppa Pig World is my type of place”, he continued, identifying the advantages of this theme park.

At the end of the visit, journalists ask him what had happened, but Boris Johnson replied that the speech “went extremely well” and that the points I wanted to emphasize were understood. However, this is a certainty that, it seems, only the prime minister has.

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