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Boris Johnson accused of not worrying about "floods" | Environment

Boris Johnson has been accused of showing complete lack of concern over the severe floods that devastated hundreds of homes and the evacuation of more than 1,200 properties in the north of England.

The prime minister will chair a meeting of the Cobra government emergency committee on Tuesday, after Jeremy Corbyn blamed Jerry Corbyn for failing to declare a national emergency.

This criticism has reverberated in cities severely affected by torrential rains, where 30 flood warnings remain in place, including five "death threats" on the Don River in South Yorkshire.

In the town of Worksop, Nottinghamshire, many residents were evacuated and more than 200 homes and businesses were flooded on Friday after the rain lasted one month in 24 hours.

Simon Greaves, the Labor leader of the Bassetlaw District Council, said Johnson was "concerned about the elections" when he should have coordinated a national response to the disaster, which includes Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the South Yorkshire.

He said: "The government has had a fantastic opportunity to assume its responsibilities and take urgent action. For me, they focused more on the general election campaign than on people's lives. They had the opportunity to act (and) they consciously chose not to do it. I think it's absolutely outrageous. "

Johnson was filmed cleaning a branch of Specsavers when he visited Matlock Friday night after the disaster, after campaigning in the nearby town of Mansfield. Earlier in the day, the body of Annie Hall, the former High Sheriff of Derbyshire, was found after being washed away by the Derwent River at Darley Dale, not far from Matlock.

Boris Johnson mops to help clean up an optician in Matlock

Boris Johnson mops the mop to help clean up an optician's home during a visit to the flood-ravaged town of Matlock in Derbyshire. Photo: Danny Lawson / Reuters

During his visit to Derbyshire, the prime minister said that the government should invest in flood protection devices, but that the floods "do not seem to be the object of a flood situation." National emergency.

Greaves, who showed Friday to Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, the damage to Worksop, said he had asked the government for new money to help rebuild the affected areas, but that He had not yet received an answer.

Liberal Democratic leader Jo Swinson visited Fishlake near Doncaster on Tuesday and Corbyn was scheduled to arrive later in the day. Sue Marshall, who has not been able to return home since her evacuation on Saturday, said she hoped political visits would bring real help to those affected – and feared to be flooded on Thursday, so that new rains are planned.

"I just told Jo Swinson that it's fine for her to do that, but in a month we'll have the old news," she said. "What we need to know is that in two months, members will revisit this issue and look at what has been done to prevent it from happening again. And my immediate concern is what they are doing now so that it does not happen on Thursday. "

David Hughes, Mayor of Matlock, said it was normal for the government to convene an emergency meeting, but he was surprised that Johnson has not yet visited the most affected areas. "Obviously, if people are flooded for days and days, it is an emergency for them and it seems to be over a large area," he said. "Given the persistence (of the floods), yes I think that he should probably make a visit."

When asked if Johnson's visit to Matlock had helped the clean-up operation, Hughes replied, "Comments were made about Boris Johnson drying out already dry soil. It's a bit unfair because the adjoining Greggs had a damp floor. I guess the Specsavers floor was wet, but it was not as bad as the shops across the road, we would say. "

In the suburb of Bentley's Bentley suburb of Doncley, which was flooded on Tuesday, Tony Nicholson said the city's labor council hierarchy and the Conservative government's hierarchy were angering the city. following his reaction to the disaster.

"If it was in another area, it would be considered a national emergency. It's devastating for people's lives, "said Nicholson, Green Party City Councilor. Nicholson said he was not arguing for a political party, but that he was unhappy with the official reaction at the national and local levels.

"This is the official answer, the problem, whoever is responsible," he said. "It seems like it has not been fast enough and since these people are not rich and it has happened, they feel they are not that important."

Jane Cox, leader of the conservative group of Doncaster Council, said it was inappropriate to score political points as a result of a human tragedy. "It is important that (the government) recognize it, but I firmly believe that it should not be politicized," she said. "I would be horrified if anyone started to criticize a Labor Party member for what happened."

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