“Borgen”, “The Boys”, “Physical”, “Obi-Wan Kenobi”… Our series choices


Don’t throw any more, it’s an avalanche. And the long weekend ahead will not be too much to take a look at a few titles from this selection as rich as it is varied.

Actress Sidse Babett Knudsen, aka Birgitte Nyborg, in the fourth season of 'Borgen'.

“Borgen, power and glory”, season 4: Sidse Babett Knudsen gives a second wind to Birgitte Nyborg

The praises burst when one evokes the memory of Borgen, a woman in power, broadcast in France on Arte ten years ago. Sometimes described a little too quickly as the best series in the world, it at least had the interest of making known outside the borders of the kingdom the high quality of Danish series, whose almost standardized model – no more than three seasons – was then to inspire many of channels and showrunners. The success of the series also served as a career accelerator for Sidse Babett Knudsen. The Danish actress thus appeared in the credits of Westworlda grandiose dystopian series broadcast on HBO, and won a César for his role in Erminealongside Fabrice Luchini.

Taking advantage of the “revival” fashion, the Danish public channel DR1 is offering the character of Birgitte Nyborg a second life, still under the pen of screenwriter Adam Price, but whose international distribution is, this time, provided by Netflix. Times have changed: now Minister of Foreign Affairs, the former head of government lives alone and has little taste for acting under the control of Signe Kragh (Johanne Louise Schmidt), the charismatic Prime Minister. When Greenland announces major oil discoveries, Birgitte Nyborg thinks of taking the opportunity to come back to the fore by opposing its exploitation.

If the era is no longer the same – and the series skilfully takes note of this –, little has changed in the workings of Danish democracy and the plots of this new 8-episode season do not always shine with their sophistication, but it would take a lot more to spoil the pleasure of this perfectly mastered reunion. Audrey Fournier

Borgen, power and glory, series created by Adam Price. With Sidse Babett Knudsen, Birgitte Hjort Sorensen, Soren Malling, Johanne Louise Schmidt, Emil Poulsen (Dan., 2022, 8 × 60 min). On demand on Netflix from June 2.

“The Boys”, season 3: superheroes are depressing

To the multinationals who preside over the cult of superheroes, The Boys continues (with the support of one of these multinationals, Sony, the house of Spider-Man) to oppose a string of blasphemies. This third season flirts with provocation – a little more gore, a little more depravity – but stays the course. It is no longer a question of demonstrating that superheroes are narcissistic monsters, thirsty for power, since the first two seasons have taken care of it. This time, Eric Kripke sets out to calculate the ethical cost of the fight that the group of not very super heroes called The Boys delivers against Homelander (evil caricature of Superman) and his clique. Looking at the first five episodes of Season 3, The Boys manages, once again, to marry the excess of the situations and the complexity of the reflection, all at a frantic pace. Thomas Sotinel

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