Bor. Mönchengladbach vs. Werder Bremen live ticker

Bor. Mönchengladbach vs. Werder Bremen live ticker


90. Min


Ice-cold Bremer kidnap Gladbach to a 2-2! After a balanced first half with clearer chances for the home side, Marcus Thuram finally rewarded himself with the 1-0 shortly after the restart. As a result, Gladbach remained the better team, but failed several times in front of goal before Marvin Ducksch suddenly equalized. The joy didn’t last long, however, because eight minutes after the 1-1 draw, Florian Neuhaus put his foals back in front. In view of Borussia’s good performance, the game seemed already decided when the congenial trio of Weiser, Füllkrug and Ducksch struck again. Ultimately, it was the latter who overcame Omlin a second time, securing the late draw. In terms of the table, this all makes sense, but Werder should be much more happy about this point!

90. Min


Everything looks fine at Kramer. The pain seems to go away.

90. Min


After a painful landing, Kramer bends over on the ground and holds his back. Reichel should have blown the whistle, but after a short game the ball lands out of bounds anyway. The supervisors immediately run into the field and take care of the man who is now wearing the bandage.

90. Min


A rare misunderstanding between Füllkrug and Ducksch! The national striker touches a flank with the tips of his hair, which is why the ball does not come perfectly for Ducksch, who is running in behind him. Instead, the two-time scorer nods the leather over to the right!

90. Min


A Gladbacher plays the ball in his own penalty area with his arm! That should be checked again because he deliberately goes to the ball, although it is leaning against it. After a short time, however, it is clear that there was no criminal handball here!

90. Min


Official stoppage time (minutes): 4

89. Min


Marvin Ducksch

Tooor for Werder Bremen, 2: 2 by Marvin Ducksch
It’s so cold from Bremen! Weiser crosses deep from the right touchline to the left side of the penalty area. Then Ducksch heads to the filling pitcher, who simply lets the ball bounce back for his fellow striker and so Ducksch can turn the ball perfectly into the flat right corner! 2:2!

87. Min


Eren Dinkci

Eren Dinkçi comes on at Werder Bremen

87. Min


Jens Stage

Substitution at Werder Bremen: Jens Stage

87. Min


Florian Neuhaus

Yellow card for Florian Neuhaus (Bor. Mönchengladbach)
Because Bremen does not play the ball out when Scally is on the ground, Neuhaus starts a small pack and is warned accordingly.

85. Min


It doesn’t seem too bad at Stindl. But after 85 minutes and with aching legs, the veteran is allowed to call it a day.

85. Min


Hannes Wolf

Substitution at Bor. Mönchengladbach: Hannes Wolf

85. Min


Lars Stindl

Substitution at Bor. Mönchengladbach: Lars Stindl

84. Min


Stindl is being treated after Philipp kicked him in the shooting motion. It’s not a foul, but it’s very painful for the captain.

82. Min


Maximilian Philip

Substitution at Werder Bremen: Maximilian Philipp

82. Min


Ilia Gruev

Substitution at Werder Bremen: Ilia Gruev

81. Min


Mitchell Weiser

Mitchell Weiser (Werder Bremen) is shown a yellow card.
With his leg stretched, Weiser goes into the duel and rightly sees the warning, although he doesn’t really hit Pléa with it.

79. Min


At the next chance for Borussia, the flag goes. So Hofmann doesn’t have to get upset that he only hits the ball to the side netting, even though he has already circled Zetterer!

78. Min


Buchanan saves with the tip of his foot! Before that, Pléa is played deep on the right, so that he can supposedly simply cross for Hofmann. However, Buchanan sprints back, straddles the cross and pokes the ball past Hofmann!

76. Min


He probably would have liked to score more often, but it was a good game from Thuram. Now he is being replaced by Alassane Pléa, who has often been unlucky recently.

76. Min


Alassane Pléa

Alassane Pléa comes on at Bor. Mönchengladbach

76. Min


Marcus Thuram

Substitution at Bor. Mönchengladbach: Marcus Thuram

73. Min


Florian Neuhaus

Tooor for Bor. Mönchengladbach, 2: 1 by Florian Neuhaus
There is the renewed leadership for Gladbach! First, Stindl fails because of Zetterer, who blocks the ball forward in a high arc. From there, Niklas Stark plays the ball blindly with his head in front of the sixteen, where Neuhaus again starts. With the second contact he pulls the trigger and hits the left corner perfectly flat!

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72. Min


More than 70 minutes have passed and Farke is still waiting for his first change. Gradually it is time to bring new impetus. On the other hand, his men continue to create opportunities. Thuram fails from a difficult position in the middle of Zetterer.

69. Min


On the left side, Omlin makes the game fast with a powerful tee shot. Luca Netz chases the ball and then puts it across to Stindl in front of the penalty area. He prepares his right foot 20 meters from the goal, but then shoots well over the right angle. He doesn’t hit it well.

65. Min


Marvin Ducksch

Tooor for Werder Bremen, 1: 1 by Marvin Ducksch
It doesn’t matter how close Werder were to 1-1, because now it’s here! After winning the ball in midfield, the ball bounces to Schmid, who has just come on as a substitute, and who plays outstandingly into Ducksch’s run. The attacker is pursued by Itakura, but shakes him off with a fake shot and Omlin, who goes down. So he can easily finish into the empty goal from a relatively acute angle!

64. Min


Ole Werner pulls Jung back into defense and wants to activate the offensive again. Recently, the Hanseatic city wobbled quite a bit at the back and were closer to 0:2 than 1:1.

63. Min


Lee Buchanan

Substitution at Werder Bremen: Lee Buchanan

63. Min


Fabio Chiarodia

Substitution at Werder Bremen: Fabio Chiarodia

63. Min


Romano Schmid

Substitution at Werder Bremen: Romano Schmid

63. Min


Niklas Schmidt

Substitution at Werder Bremen: Niklas Schmidt

61. Min


Super foot defense by Zetterer! This time the busy Hofmann puts a half-left through to Thuram, who goes into his third direct duel with Zetterer and this time fails at the bottom right because the goalkeeper extends his left leg incredibly fast!

59. Min


Borussia gets the next chance with a free kick. Hofmann nods once in the middle and thus indicates a cross before he shoots directly past the three-man wall. Zetterer blocks the bounce to the left!

56. Min


In dire need, Itakura heads a cross back to his own goalkeeper. The coordination is really good, because there have already been many scenes in which this planned second leg ends up in the goalkeeper’s own box past the goalkeeper running out!

55. Min


Hofmann leaves the 2-0! On the right, Scally goes forward and serves Hofmann on the five. He first passes the ball, but is allowed to swing again because the ball hits his standing leg. This time he gets past Zetterer only to get stuck on the defender on the line! Then Werder can clarify!

52. Min


The spectators get loud because Reichel puts both teams at a disadvantage in a short time. In doing so, he simply lets two hard climbs through. But now it can go on.

49. Min


The foals want to improve and play well through the center before Hofmann is sent off steeply. Zetterer runs towards him and actually blocks the Gladbach player with his extended right leg. Then the flag goes. Everyone can calm down!

48. Min


Marcus Thuram

Tooor for Bor. Mönchengladbach, 1:0 by Marcus Thuram
It is perhaps the most difficult ball that Thuram had to deal with today, but after Hofmann’s heel pass he drives the ball diagonally from the left in front of the penalty area and then pulls it flat under pressure. Zetterer is easily caught against the running direction, which is why he can no longer reach the ball! 1:0!

47. Min


Good eye from Ducksch! He is played deep and then suddenly lobs in the direction of the goal, although Omlin doesn’t even run towards him. Nevertheless, the keeper is relatively far ahead and is almost surprised in the far corner. But he still hits the ball away with his right hand!

46. Min


The game continues in Mönchengladbach without a change. Bremen plays the ball far forward, where the attacker commits an offensive foul.

46. Min


Kick-off 2nd half

45. Min


Mid-term conclusion:
At the break it was 0-0 between Borussia Mönchengladbach and Werder Bremen! The foals got off to a slightly better start before the guests got into the game and put the pressure on themselves. It was a balanced game that became more open with every minute. Nevertheless, it was practically only the Gladbachers who were able to record really dangerous deals. Marcus Thuram failed twice in front of Zetterer. On the other side there was usually a defensive leg in between or the last pass didn’t arrive. Despite equal game shares, Gladbach is in a much better position when it comes to expected goals.

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45. Min


End of 1st half

45. Min


Opposite Gladbach becomes dangerous again because Itakura prevails in a corner in an aerial duel against Chiarodia and heads over the goal from ten meters!

44. Min


From the second row, Gruev fires the next warning shot, ultimately hitting the attempt quite clearly on the right side of the gang.

42. Min


Suddenly Thuram is free! The Frenchman is sent deep, with Pieper actually having the advantage. However, the defender goes down too early and then only straddles the ball against the approaching Thuram. As a result, the leather jumps around in front of the striker in the direction of Zetterer. He wants to use the momentum with a lob, but he lifts the thing over the goal with his right outside instep!

41. Min


Shortly thereafter, Füllkrug simply pulls powerfully from the right sixteen corner and fails on short corner on the well-reacting Omlin!

40. Min


Not much is missing! Weiser changes sides and completely wets Kramer with a body illusion. He then drives the ball into the center, taps it briefly in the direction of the second post, but is slightly deflected. As a result, Stage is one step too far forward and can no longer reach the ball!

38. Min


Hofmann tries a cross to the near post. Although Stindl runs through, but can not reach the high pass. Instead, Zetterer grabs behind him.

36. Min


With a tackle, Chiarodia intercepts a cross from Thuram, so that the ball bounces back to the striker’s leg and from there out of bounds. There’s repulsion. The game is going very well so far for the debutant.

33. Min


A little later, the foals switch quickly to the right and play in the center, where Stindl has a lot of space. But after his direct finish he doesn’t bring the necessary speed and Zetterer grabs it safely!

32. Min


Now Werder is missing the chance! Stage conquers the ball just before the opponent’s penalty area, plays flat to Ducksch, who lets the pitcher through. However, the national striker in the penalty area can still be pushed away by the strong Hofmann and then falls to the ground, allowing Omlin to grab the ball.

31. Min


Werder’s number seven crosses high in front of the goal, which is why Omlin quickly runs out of the box and fists the thing away. Then Tobias Reichel also indicates offside.

30. Min


Gruev gets a free kick almost 30 meters from the goal. Maybe something goes beyond the standards that Ducksch brings so dangerously in front of the goal.

26. Min


Regardless of the huge chance for Thuram, the foals will find their way back into the game better. That had already become apparent before and the suspicion is confirmed. It’s been very balanced at Borussia Park so far.

23. Min


Thuram misses the 1-0! Hofmann is sent down the line on the right and immediately crosses flat to the five. Thuram runs in perfectly, but fails at Zetterer from close range! Of course, the goalkeeper spreads himself as much as possible, but he’s also very lucky that Thuram can’t steer the ball into one of the corners!

21. Min


Important action by the young Fabio Chiarodia. Against the incoming Neuhaus, he keeps the upper hand and clears the throw-in.

18. Min


The Gladbachers let the ball run again before a long through ball rolled straight into Zetterer’s arms. The men from the Rhine are a bit off track here.

16. Min


After the two set pieces, Werder tried twice over Ducksch, who was able to launch right to the baseline only to then play flat into the defenders’ legs. It must have been Itakura both times.

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15. Min


Two corners of the guests can clear the foals. Nevertheless, Bremen come into play better in this phase and control what is happening.

12. Min


Good action by Weiser! With a lot of assertiveness, he drives the ball closely followed by Elvedi down the right side and penetrates into the penalty area. He is looking for the incoming jug on the five, but a Gladbacher clears in front of his colleague with a tackle!

11. Min


Both sides get chances to speed up the game with passes to the front. At the same time, there is a lack of accuracy, so both opportunities peter out early.

8. Min


Next half chance for the Rhinelanders! Hofmann blocks his opponent’s pass while pressing, so the ball jumps to Thuram. He plays straight into the centre, from where Stindl shoots the bouncing ball over the goal. Then the flag goes up, but the decision should still have been checked.

7. Min


Incidentally, Hofmann was not ordered by Flick into the squad for the national team. Maybe that motivates him. In any case, this free-kick cross flies well to the second post, to which Elvedi runs, but shoots over the goal from a tight angle!

6. Min


After a long ball relay, Thuram gets a free kick about 24 meters from the goal in a half-right position. Hofmann arranges the ball.

4. Min


For the first time, Gladbach plays through the middle into the penalty area before a flat cross is played in front of the goal from the left. Jung clears his own five for a corner. This brings nothing at first. But the foals stay on the ball.

3. Min


Compared to the embarrassing start in the first leg, this starts very calmly. The home side are trying to establish some control.

1. Min


Gladbach toasts. The ball rolls. Let the wild ride begin!


The floodlight is on. The mood in Borussia Park is tense. It will not be long!


Tobias Reichel is traveling to the Lower Rhine today as a referee. The 42-year-old from Stuttgart will be assisted by Benedikt Kempkes and Christian Bandurski with the flags in their hands.


Bremen and Gladbach last met on October 1st and at that time Borussia had to accept the first low point of the season. Werder won 5-1, led 3-0 in the 13th minute and added the fourth goal before half-time. Marcus Thuram scored a consolation goal, but Bremen also went for it again through Mitchell Weiser.


Ole Werner also makes two changes compared to the recent defeat against Leverkusen. The reason for this is the absence of Jiří Pavlenka (illness) and Miloš Veljković (muscular problems). That’s why Michael Zetterer, who made the replacement on the sixth matchday, starts in goal. In addition, 17-year-old Fabio Chiarodia celebrates his starting eleven debut.


After a disappointing 3-0 defeat in Leipzig, Daniel Farke changes to two positions. First-choice goalkeeper Jonas Omlin returns to the goal after recovering from injury, which was previously guarded by Tobias Sippel. Lars Stindl also starts on the offensive, where he replaces the recently unlucky Alassane Pléa.


Things didn’t go much better in Bremen recently, but the atmosphere is much better. The main reason for this is the win against Bochum, which was celebrated three weeks ago and which symbolically almost equaled relegation. But Bremen have been warned, because even in the relegation season two years ago, the club from the Weser was already considered safe before a horrible season finale led directly to league two.


Apart from the obligatory win against Bayern Munich, not much has happened at Borussia in the past few weeks. One is almost surprised that in view of the ongoing criticism there is still a tenth place. So far, however, the foals have known how to throw in a win again and again. But the Rhinelanders are now even waiting for their own goals. For three games, the Gladbachers, who are otherwise so strong in attack, have had zero in front!


Neighborhood duel to kick off the 25th match day! The tenth meets the eleventh. Gladbach plays against Werder. Welcome!



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