Book releases, albums, comics – From Marie Desplechin to Lucy Maud Montgomery, childhood wounds

From Marie Desplechin to Lucy Maud Montgomery, childhood wounds

Marie Desplechin, a somewhat witchy storyteller

“Mauve”, a novel celebrated in 2014, becomes an illustrated album by Magali Le Huche.
Marie Desplechin, born in Roubaix in 1959, prolific novelist for young and old alike.  And even the others.

Uli Oesterle opens his family book

Uli Oesterle tackles his own story in “Le lait paternal”, the first volume in a series that should have four.
An expressionist trait that marks childhood pains with a hot iron.

Anne, the Canadian redhead who should be seen growing up

Anne Shirley, the heroine launched in 1905 by Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery, has seen her adventures adapted into a series on Netflix, among other tributes.  Except in French-speaking territory where it remained unknown...
Lucy Maud Montgomery, a Canadian writer to (re)discover.  Five volumes of his saga are published by Monsieur Toussaint Laventure.

Published: 29.05.2022, 08:59

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