Bomb rain in Ukraine does not help Russians much further

The war in Ukraine has taken the form of a shower of bombs in recent days: Russia and Ukraine have been shelling each other violently, especially from a distance. The Russians did this all along the front line, which runs from the city of Kherson to the Kharkov region, but the bombing did not result in major territorial gains.

The Ukrainian offensive is still centered around the southern city of Kherson. The Ukrainian army again fired on the Antonivskiy Bridge in an attempt to cut off Russian forces in Kherson from the rest of the Russian army. The Russians, in turn, bomb the nearby city of Mykolaiv, from where the Ukrainians launched the attack on Kherson, and quickly try to move additional troops to the Black Sea city. Last week the Ukrainians managed to gain ground, now the front line has been virtually silent for a few days.

In the east, both sides achieved minor successes. Kiev reports that it has taken a village near the city of Izyum, with the ultimate goal of liberating Izyum. That sounds hopeful for the Ukrainians, but just 70 kilometers away, the Russian army has reached the outskirts of the city of Bachmoet. There is therefore no single party that is winning in the area.

The Russian advance at Bachmoet, where about 10 kilometers of ground has been gained on the Ukrainian army in recent weeks, is not representative of the further course of the invasion of the Donbas: in many places the Russians have not more than three kilometers in the past month. gained territory.

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Troops from East to South

The fact that Russia is increasing its bombing campaign does not immediately mean that a major renewed offensive is imminent in the Donbas. Defending Kherson requires relocating troops from eastern Ukraine to the south, and Russian supplies to the frontline in the Donbas have become more difficult with the recent availability of accurate long-range missiles — the US Himars missile systems — to the Ukrainians. with which they bombarded Russian ammunition depots. On Monday, the US reported that a new shipment of Himars missiles is en route to Ukraine, as part of a new bailout package that also involves $4.5 billion in financial aid.

The British Foreign Office reports that the Russian army is placing many land mines and butterfly bombs – a small type of mine – along the front line in the Donbas, possibly a sign that the Russians are digging into their current positions. In any case, it seems unlikely that either side will be able to force a breakthrough any time soon.

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