“RT-PCR para Sars-Cov 2: negative. GOOD MORNING TO ALL”. Jair Bolsonaro He woke up the Brazilians with the news that he most expected after 18 days of isolation: he no longer carries the covid-19, in his “athlete’s body”, as he himself defines himself. The President celebrated with the typical “morning coffee” and a box of hidroxicloroquina, to which he attributed his cure. The retired captain believes that his victory against the pathogen is also against the same science: a study carried out by the main hospitals in Brazil indicated that the drug is ineffective in patients. It has been tested on 665 people who are hospitalized in 55 institutions. However, the Ministry of Health, managed by the military, described the conclusion as doubtful. Intensive care units lack the necessary medications, but are instead packed with hydroxychloroquine.

“The insistence on hydroxychloroquine indicates that presidents and generals did not understand the essence of clinical research, something that would testify against their intelligence, or are more interested in deceiving people than in fighting the virus, which would denote irresponsibility “said Hélio Schwartsman, a columnist for Folha de Sao Paulo. “In any case, the Public Ministry must send the account to Jair for uselessly accumulated chloroquine reserves.”

Bolsonaro was negative in his fourth test only and did not report the date the last test was carried out. After making his recovery public, he left the Palácio da Alvorada, the official residence in Brasilia, on a motorcycle, without a specific destination. The President took a similar walk when he was still under the rigors of isolation.

Since the pandemic began, Bolsonaro has repeatedly minimized its impact. He didn’t just call it a flu. He also considered the confinements arranged by the regional governors as exaggerated. He did not even respect the use of the mask on numerous occasions. This week, their ministers Onyx Lorenzoni (Citizenship) and evangelical pastor Milton Ribeiro (Education) announced that they are part of the 2,349,302 infected in the country that have been confirmed. A study by the University of Pelotas and the Ibope agency, sponsored at the time by the Ministry of Health, estimates that the number of infected must be quadrupled. Meanwhile, the number of deaths at this point is 85,418.

“The new coronavirus pandemic affects Brazil very unevenly: in some regions it has just started, in others it has stabilized after leaving thousands of people dead, while there is fear of a recurrence due to contradictory policies to combat it, “IsoÉ magazine said. Health policy, he added, has failed due to being relegated to officials “they don’t understand anything and just obey.”