The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, admitted on Friday the truthfulness of the news about the legal background of his mother-in-law and other relatives of the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, whom he defended against the attacks he has been receiving after knowing that information.

"It's a journalistic gain. Who wins with that? Why disparage my wife and say that she has no legitimacy to do the social work she does. She is dejected, devastated, why all that?" Said Bolsonaro to journalists at the exit of the Planalto Palace, headquarters of the Brazilian presidency.

According to Veja magazine and the Metropolis newspaper, María Aparecida Firmo, 78, and Michelle Bolsonaro's maternal grandmother, was arrested in 1997 with a cocaine derivative and served two years and two months of imprisonment, period in which, according to the journalistic versions, tried to bribe a guardian to flee.

The old woman made headlines last week when it became known that she was admitted to a hospital of the public health service in the Brazilian capital, on the waiting list for surgery.

When asked about that situation, Bolsonaro said that "in what I can help I help, but I will not call a hospital director to give him a treatment for being Michelle's grandmother. I will not do that. It is my intention and end point. There is no privilege for us. "

As soon as the mother of the first lady and mother-in-law of the ruler, María das Graças Firmo, was denounced for having two identities, one of them false and with which she benefited from a popular housing program in the Federal District of Brasilia.

In addition, in 2007 she was accused of hitting a 62-year-old tenant who owed her rent.

A maternal uncle of the first lady, Joao Batista Firmo, sergeant in the reserve and the only one of Michelle's family who was in the act of inauguration of Bolsonaro on January 1, was arrested in May accused of leading a group of militias paramilitaries acting in the Sol Nascente favela, where his mother, María Aparecida, lives.

Another maternal uncle of Michelle Bolsonaro, whose identity has not been revealed, He has been sentenced since 2018 to fourteen years in prison for raping two nieces when they were girls.



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