FLORENCE“I can’t accept that the team is quitting, I’m not angry: I’m disappointed, that’s worse. And I’m too disappointed to talk to the players now”. The technician from Bologna, Sinisa Mihajlovic, so he speaks at the end of the race with the Fiorentina: “I don’t know what happened: the first half was balanced, we had chances and we could even take the lead. Then in the second half after 0-1 we melted like snow in the sun, we didn’t react. On the pitch we have to talk to each other more we have been working on it for a year. It is true that they are end of season games but it seems that the boys are waiting for it to end. It is not fair to ruin all the work of an entire championship in this way. These figures cannot be done, too ugly as : Maybe it’s better if we don’t show up on Sunday Torino and we will make our choices, but no one will complain about the decisions that will be made. Barrow? He still has to work. It is better found outdoors but we try it from the first tip in function of the next year. Today did not do well, as the center-forward is postponed “.