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Bolivian president resigns after criticism of controversial election results NOW

Bolivian president Evo Morales and vice president Álvaro García Linera have submitted their resignation on Sunday. This decision follows after days of fierce criticism of a controversial election result.

According to Morales, his letter of resignation was sent to parliament on Sunday afternoon. He said that during a speech on television. Later in the day he was spotted when he boarded the presidential plane, possibly to flee to Argentina, according to Bolivian media.

The president of the Bolivian senate Adriana Salvatierra also submitted her resignation on Sunday.

Morales claimed to have won the presidential election on October 20 because he was 10.56 percentage points ahead of his closest competitor. Such a difference is large enough in Bolivia to be declared the winner in the first round.

However, the counting of votes without a clear explanation was stopped for a day, followed by allegations of manipulation and fraud against Morales.

Police join protests against government

The president was determined to start his fourth term as president of the country, where he has been in power since 2006. However, his main competitor, Carlos Messa, did not accept the result and demanded new elections.

In Bolivia, his supporters have frequently taken to the streets in recent weeks to support Messa, and in recent days, police forces in three major Bolivian cities have joined the demonstrators.

Earlier this weekend, Morales spoke of a "coup" and refused to give in to the call for his resignation. He did want to organize new elections.



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