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Bolivian President Evo Morales Resigns to "Restore Stability" Despite Negative Reactions to Contested Elections


November 11, 2019 11:14:35

The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, announced Sunday that he would resign after the army asked him to step down and that his allies collapsed amid a violent reaction as a result of the violence. Controversial elections.

Key points:

  • Mr. Morales said in television commentaries that he would submit his letter of resignation to help restore stability.
  • The head of the Bolivian Armed Forces said Sunday that the army had asked Morales to withdraw
  • Calls for the resignation of Mr. Morales took place after an audit report revealed "clear manipulations" of the voting system during the October elections.

Mr Morales, the country's leader for nearly 14 years, said in television commentaries that he would submit his letter of resignation in order to help restore stability, while attacking what he said. he calls a "civic blow".

The head of the Bolivian armed forces said Sunday that the army had asked Morales to withdraw after weeks of demonstrations for the October 20 presidential election won by Morales.

"We suggest that the President of the State renounce his presidential term, thereby restoring peace and maintaining stability for the good of our Bolivia," said General Williams Kaliman, commander of the Bolivian Armed Forces.

"Similarly, we call on the Bolivian people and the mobilized sectors to dispel the attitudes of violence and disorder among brothers so that our families are not stained with blood, pain and mourning."

Earlier on Sunday, Morales had agreed to hold new elections after a report by the Organization of American States (OAS), which had audited the Oct. 20 vote, revealed serious irregularities. at the ballot.

The OAS report said the October vote should be overturned after finding "clear manipulations" of the electoral system that challenged Morales' victory, with a lead of one year. little more than 10 points on his main rival Carlos Mesa.

"Today, we won a battle"

The electoral turmoil that overthrew Morales, a survivor of the left-wing "pink tide" in Latin America two decades ago, could make waves in the region at a time when left-wing leaders returned to power in Mexico and in Argentina.

"This is important not only for the well-being of the Bolivian people, but also for the stability of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Brazil," said Juan Cruz Diaz, group general manager. Cefeidas risk consulting.

"The legacy of (Mr. Morales) will be compromised and the region will suffer another impact with consequences far beyond Bolivia."

At a previous press conference, Morales attempted to calm critics by saying that he would replace the country's electoral body for the new vote, although his opponents – already furious that ##!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 39, he presented himself in defiance of the limits of his mandate – were not reassured.

Luis Fernando Camacho, civic leader of Santa Cruz, in the east of the country, who became a symbol of opposition, said the OAS report clearly showed electoral fraud and reiterated his call for the resignation of Mr. Morales.

"Today, we have won the battle," Camacho told a crowd of sympathizers in the capital, adding that it needed more time to restore constitutional order and the democracy.

"It is only when we can be sure that democracy is solid that we can return home."

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, welcomed the call for a new vote to "guarantee free and fair elections".

"In order to restore the credibility of the electoral process, all government officials and leaders of political organizations involved in the failed elections of October 20 should withdraw from the electoral process," he said.

The allies of morals fall

While the impact of the audit report swept across Bolivia, there were signs that Morales' support was rapidly declining.

Several of his allies have resigned, including the Minister of Mines, Cesar Navarro, and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Victor Borda, who belongs to Morales' party.

Both cited the fear for the safety of their families as the reason for their resignation.

Juan Carlos Huarachi, leader of the Bolivian Workers' Center, a powerful pro-government union, said Morales should step down if it could help end recent violence.

"If it means resigning to restore peace to the Bolivian people, then we should do it, Mr. President," he said.

In the days leading up to Morales' resignation, police forces also participated in anti-government protests, while the military said it would not "confront the people" about this. case after a stalemate of several weeks.

The Attorney General's office also announced that it had ordered an investigation in order to prosecute members of the Electoral Corps and other officials for irregularities.



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