Boldly, she shocked everyone.. Heba Kotb publicly reveals the secrets of the wedding night live!! (Details of what happens)

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Dr. Heba Kotb, a marital and family relations consultant, said that the wedding night frightens many girls who are about to get married, but this is not limited to women only.

The marital and family relations consultant added that the eastern society does not accept public talk about the details on the wedding night, but this does not prevent the side conversations that take place between young men and girls, which include each of them eating false information that leads to an increase in fear between the two parties.

Qutb added that creating the romantic atmosphere for the new bride by the husband helps reduce her tension and prepare her psychologically to accept the relationship, and it is necessary to prepare the husband for the wife before starting.

Beginning with his acceptance of her anxiety about the relationship for the first time, by speaking and talking quietly, it is one of the best methods of preparing the wife before the relationship, because the psychological factor in women is what moves her feelings.

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