Marcela Boyacá Mesa
Latin News Agency for Medicine and Public Health

Claudia López, Mayor of Bogotá, announced that hypertensive, diabetic and obese people should be quarantined starting today, July 27. According to the president, the figures from the capital’s health department indicate that two out of three people with these comorbidities die after getting COVID-19.

“Who are the people who are most at risk? Today we know in Bogotá that the elderly are between 60 and 70 years old, but we also detect that people with these three comorbidities are very vulnerable, the coronavirus affects them much more and they end up hospitalized. That is why we take this measure, people with these conditions must stay home because they are at enormous risk. ”

He further stated that companies cannot compel them to attend the workplace and that in this case, teleworking should be the option.

Mandatory quarantine for all families with positive cases

On the other hand, he pointed out that when there is a positive case for coronavirus, preventive isolation must be made for the entire family with which the infected person lives in order to avoid the spread of contagion.

“In Bogotá, from now on, in homes where there is a positive person, the entire family must quarantine them. All close contact with a positive coronavirus, must stay at home 14 days, with or without test.

When requesting the measure, he explained that in the epidemiological fence it has been shown that the main close contacts of the positive cases are the members of his family and that it is more effective to monitor the home.

These measures are strictly observed and will apply to the entire city., the Colombian capital currently has 84,213 positive cases of coronavirus.