Regardless of the sector, the balance sheets of the world’s largest companies are beginning to reflect the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

After presenting its results, the US aeronautics Boeing He assured that his sales in the first semester were at US $ 28,715, which meant a fall of 25.75% in interannual terms. In this way, the Chicago-based company quadrupled last year’s red to $ 3004 million.

The losses seem to find an answer in the paralysis of world tourism and the refusal of airlines to acquire new aircraft, while at the same time the firm tries to reestablish the production line of the 737 MAX, frozen and under constant flight tests 16 months ago after two fatal accidents due to a problem in the configuration of their software.

Boeing 737 MAX of Aerolineas Argentinas

Also, at the end of May Boeing laid off 12,000 employees and announced another possible 4,000 cut, which would mean the dismissal of 10% of its staff.

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According to the company, with this initiative it will continue its “multi-year investment program and its commitment to sustainable production.

“The reality is that the impact of the pandemic on the aviation sector continues to be severe,” he said. Dave Calhoun, CEO of the firm. At the same time, the businessman warned of possible staff cuts and said: “This pressure on our commercial customers means they are delaying aircraft purchases, slowing down deliveries, delaying effective maintenance, retiring older aircraft and reducing spending, all which affects our business and ultimately our bottom line. “

Given this situation, the US manufacturer confirmed on Wednesday that it will aim to reduce the production levels of its aircraft 787 and 777 at six and two units per month, respectively. In relation to 737 MAX, the company postponed its goal of monthly production of 31 units stipulated for 2021 and moved it for the first quarter of 2022.

For his part, Boeing announced that it will end serial production of the legendary jumbo 747 in 2022, although it will continue with its maintenance service. “We will give up 747. However, our commitment to the customer does not end with delivery, and we will continue to support the operations and livelihood of this aircraft in the future.”

Boeing 747