After troubled hours in which the pop tenor was overwhelmed by the controversy over his “denial” sentences in the Senate, here is the video with repentance

He did not want to. But it happened and it was a bad patch. Andrea Bocelli who intervenes at a denial event on the impact of the viral pandemic, organized and animated by Vittorio Sgarbi and Matteo Salvini, between handshakes, hugs, zero masks, was not forgiven for its lightness. Less than ever for his speech in an institutional seat linked to the Senate of the Republic, in which he admitted that he had violated the lockdown because he had felt “humiliated and offended” by the cloistered measures and because he said “I know a lot of people, but I never knew anyone who went to intensive care”. Wrong words, twice wrong if they come from a world celebrity. The wave of criticism and controversy overwhelmed him quickly, and the pop tenor was forced to retract and apologize. He did it with a video released on his official social profiles, in which he tries to put a patch on the combined disaster by being photographed with Salvini and other deniers.

Repentance on video

In the video Bocelli says: “I have always spent myself fighting the suffering and I have done it also recently with the advent of this wretched pandemic, as many know. Therefore, if my intervention in the Senate has generated suffering, I sincerely apologize , because this was not in my intentions “. And he adds: “I did not want to offend those who have been hit by Covid, after all as you know, my family has not been spared, we have all been infected and we feared the worst, nobody can know the progress of a disease like this”. Because those words in the Senate then: “The aim was to hope for a near future in which above all children can find normalcy, playing with each other and embracing each other, as they must do to grow healthy and peaceful. This was the only meaning of my intervention, I expressed myself unhappily, all colors who from my words found reasons to feel offended or suffered: I sincerely apologize to them “. Case closed? We hope so. There is a dramatic and real pandemic out there.