Bobby Lashley, star of WWE, suffers chilling fall, see video

Bobby Lashley suffered a spectacular fall after the ring ropes broke / Photo: Getty Images

Bobby Lashleyformer world champion World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)suffered a chilling fall during his confrontation with Drew McIntyre after the ring top rope broke down on his visit to United Kingdom. This is not the first time that an incident has been seen around the company. Vince McMahon.

“Bobby Lashley suffered a terrifying fall out of the ring at a WWE live event after the ring rope was snapped by an Irish whip. Some fans who attended noted on Twitter that he seemed fine and was able to finish the match.”

Ryan Satin

The WWE tour of the old continent will follow the Friday April 29 in London, Englandon Saturday 30 will be in Paris France and will finally end in Leipzing, Alemania on Sunday May 1.

How was Bobby Lashley’s fall?

According to what can be seen in the video shared by him journalist Ryan Satin, Bobby Lashley, “The Almighty”you are about to receive a Claymore Kickfinishing move of McIntyrewhen the impact of both with the upper rope ends up defeating it to the degree that it is released from the corners.

Although the Scotsman also plays the strings, the only one who fell backwards was the one born in Kansas City. The action stops completely in the ring to the bewilderment of the also former world champion. Immediately, the referee gets out of the ring to verify that there is no suffered damage.

Due to the creepiness of the drop completely backwards in the zone of ringsidethe staff of staff also quickly approaches and communicates with the medical equipment through his radio, although it was not necessary. The fighter Sami Zaynwho was on the sidelines of what happened, returns to Bobby Lashley to the ring after confirming that everything is fine.

The fighter himself shared the video with the description “unstoppable”, that is, “unstoppable”alluding to the fact that he resumed the Actions despite the unforeseen event with the top rope. Colleagues from the company itself and from other promotions such as Mickie James, Lio Rush y Matt Cardona they expressed their relief after knowing that it did not happen to adults.

Who is Bobby Lashley?

Franklin Robert Lashleybetter known as Bobby Lashleyis a professional wrestler who in the last year managed to consecrate himself twice as WWE championin addition to defending his world title in the edition of 2021 from Wrestlemania against one’s own Drew McIntyre.

Born in Junction Citythe gladiator of 45 years stomach 1.91 metros and weighs 124 kilogramsa physical condition that allowed him to venture not only into other wrestling promotions such as TNAbut also had an outstanding step through the mixed martial arts.

Bobby Lashley He also had special appearances in the Arena Mexicolike the fight he had in 2016 contra last warrioriconic veteran of the mexican wrestling. After consolidating himself in the international territory, he returned to WWEcompany that welcomed him in the first stage of his career in 2005.



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