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Marco Tarantula is the general manager of Bnl (Bnp Paribas Group) since the end of February, when the institute led by Elena Goitini started a reorganization with the establishment of 5 new territorial offices (Northwest, Northeast, Center North, Center and South), which include the retail markets , private, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), corporate, public administration, and responding to the new CEO, in Bnl since 2008 and by the deputy general manager since 2012.

“With the introduction of the new organizational model, we have reduced the distance between the specialized and distinctive component of the bank and the various local interlocutors, to whom we make available all our services and channels differentiated by type of customer,” Tarantola said in ‘ stated in an interview with Die son 24 uhr.

The change of pace of Bnl was decided to “in a qualified way develop the coverage of the area with respect to banks that are more deeply rooted than us. With the reorganization we aim to get closer to companies, their supply chains and all customers with ‘ a model that matches both day-to-day needs and investment plans and goals,” said Tarantola. “To do this, we use an approach focused on economic, social and environmental sustainability: each of our initiatives aims to” native “to be sustainable, it is a value in the DNA of our group and in our global strategy”.

To better intercept customers’ needs, the bank aims to provide “platforms that include a complete range of businesses, with services and solutions from the bank and the companies of the Bnp Paribas group in Italy, which are fundamental in this articulated global economic phase and with essential challenges such as the energy transition or the implementation of the NRP”, said the director. “This requires us to commit ourselves to the continuous training of our teams, as well as to be technically prepared and up to date be, to invest in innovation, with both a universal and specialist banking approach”.

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A bank is therefore able to become a 360-degree consultant. “The current environment is a volatile environment, difficult to interpret, and it is our task to provide professional and quality advice, both with the specialists active in the branches and in our various centers of expertise and through life bankers and financial bankers, ” explains Tarantola. But the bank also focuses on another factor, through the development of new ecosystems, “by entering into partnerships with different operators to bring different industries into dialogue, in the logic of open banking, to provide customers with flexible service models that banking needs met and not”.

The director Marco Tarantola also focuses on the role of the branches in the territories, given the new organization: “The branches remain at the center of our concrete omnichannel distribution model, which enables intelligent and technologically advanced growth,” said the CEO. “We are investing in adapting the formats of our agencies so that they increasingly become local head offices of the bank, in a modern and efficient way”.

Local presence but also innovation and digital, with a particular focus on technology: “Several customers prefer to communicate with the bank digitally, and we must be able to provide these services. On the one hand, this requires us to become particularly efficient in managing flows and dematerialized interactions, on the other, to continuously invest in technology to enable a qualified remote relationship, as an agile and interconnected bank .

The last step in the bank reorganization is the Customer Service Center, to make the bank a hub. “With this developed platform, which integrates the different markets, the customer will be directed to the relationship path that is most coherent for him,” concluded Tarantola. “This process will enable us to be progressively more fluid and efficient, to follow the customer in his relationship with the bank and to become for him a center available for the needs of every moment.”

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