BMW Isetta back on the road as an electric car

At first glance, the tiny car looks like it rolled straight out of the museum onto the street. Microlino is the name of the dwarf, and its role model is unmistakably the famous BMW Isetta from 1955: compact, spherical and with only one door that opens to the front. Now a Swiss manufacturer wants to bring back the Isetta concept from back then, as an eco-mini car with a battery-electric drive.

Marcus Theurer

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

The mini-mobile is so short that three Microlinos can be parked across a normal parking lot. The interior has room for two people and a trunk that fits three crates of beer. The manufacturer promises a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour and a range of up to 230 kilometers, depending on the size of the battery. The vehicle, which weighs just 500 kilograms, can be fully charged within four hours at a household socket.

Germany most important market

“Germany is our most important market,” says Merlin Ouboter, 26, who put the Microlino on the narrow wheels together with his brother and father. According to him, almost half of the approximately 30,000 pre-orders are from German customers. The Microlino is intended as a chic and environmentally friendly car for everyday use. The car company and Opel owner Stellantis also has a similar small vehicle on offer with the Citroën Ami.

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The Ouboters have been working on the Microlino for seven years, and now series production is to start at a partner company in Turin. The aim is to deliver the first vehicles to customers in Switzerland at the end of June, announced Merlin Ouboter. “We want to start in Germany in the fourth quarter.” The website has so far given a price of 12,500 euros, but the Microlino will probably be “slightly more expensive”, says Ouboter.

His family is familiar with unconventional means of transportation. A quarter of a century ago, his father Wim made a significant contribution to the kickboard boom of the time with the Micro scooter. With the Microlino, the entry into the car business should now succeed. The Ouboters have invested a double-digit million amount. Despite delivery problems with components, they want to produce around 1,500 small cars by the end of the year, and 6,000 vehicles are targeted for 2023.

It remains to be seen whether the Microlino will be as successful as its historical model. At the time, the Isetta was a bestseller for BMW and for many Germans it was their first motor vehicle. Between 1955 and 1962 more than 160,000 of the little cars advertised as “Motocoupés” were built. But the Isetta is actually an Italian: BMW was in financial difficulties in the mid-1950s and, in an emergency, acquired a production license from the Italian manufacturer Iso Rivolta. The success of the mini-mobile brought about a turning point. It is quite possible that BMW would no longer exist today without the Isetta – and probably neither would its grandson, the Microlino inspired by it.



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