On December 16, “Liberation” drew ridicule from the right-wing media, from “Current Values” to CNews, by alerting one to the violence of neo-Nazi groups after the FIFA World Cup match in Qatar.

par Willy Le Devin

On the evening of the World Cup semi-final between France and Morocco, December 14, several cities experienced scattered violence, caused by militants with neo-Nazi coloring. The Paris Zouaves, the Union Defense Group (GUD), the Strasbourg Offender hooligans have raged together, with the desire to expose their ascending dynamics to the light of day. To warn of this sinister omen, Freed devoted its front page to these events, which generated nearly 200 arrests across the country. “Blue Night, Brown Plague” we had titled, arousing the taunts of media well on the right. First there was the illustrious magazine talker, and his paper with the shimmering title: “Media lie and leftist manipulation: when Release whore”. Then the no less cautious CNews channel, whose police-justice journalist, Amaury Bucco, boasted of having contacted several sources in the police and the gendarmerie, in order to put our writings into perspective. Obviously, he did not choose the best informed… The picture would not be complete without the indescribable chronicler of Current values, Gilles-William Goldnadel, a lawyer by profession, who had dared: “Release of disinformation or the galleys of Freed on his ramblings”. Four months later, we publish an investigation into the aborted raid that targeted Moroccan supporters, and retrace the scenes of the operation which made it possible to arrest these over-equipped neo-Nazis before they took action. To those who are ready for all relativism to put ultra-right violence under the carpet, we nevertheless wish a good read.

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