Bloomberg announced the displacement of Russian gas from EU markets by American – Gazeta.Ru

January 10, 2022, 16:05


Gas supplies from the United States to Europe are gradually beginning to replace Russian natural gas. About it writes Bloomberg.

Natural gas in Europe is falling for the second day in a row as a surge in tanker shipments from the US eases supply concerns in the winter. Thus, flows at liquefied natural gas terminals in northwestern Europe are at the highest level since December 2019, the agency notes.

US supplies are helping to offset flows from Russia, which have recently become limited.

According to the agency, the export of LNG from the United States is now profitable to Asia, and already in March and April – to Europe, but more and more LNG has already begun to flow to the EU after price increases at the end of 2021 made this region the most attractive market.

The dispatch of 34 tankers with American LNG will continue the downward trend in gas prices in Europe – up to a return to the level of $ 1,000 per thousand cubic meters. However, this trend will not be long-term. warned at the end of December experts.


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