Bloodborne would not reach PC but other PlayStation exclusives, according to a rumor

PlayStation is starting to bring some of its biggest PlayStation exclusive hits to PC. Computer users have already been able to enjoy Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone on their platforms, although from Sony prefer to take it easy and they have no plans to release the PS4 and PS5 exclusives simultaneously for PC. Bloodborne, the title of FromSoftware, is one of the games most demanded by the PC community, although the insider Lance McDonald has mentioned through his Twitter that its arrival is somewhat uncertain.

Other titles will arrive instead of Bloodborne

“And Bloodborne advertised for PC, I’d love to say I secretly knew all about this, although i will be lying. I am aware of various ports of PlayStation exclusives coming to PC soon, but sadly none of them are Bloodbrone“The user has stated.” However, I still hope that it will come out of nowhere. For some reason, many people believe that they know secret things about Bloodborne not yet announced. I keep looking for information and investigating all leaks and false rumors, but sadly there is nothing there I have found so far“, has concluded the insider.

And Bloodborne finally get to PC or not is a mystery, although it is clear that there are not a few users who have shown their interest in being able to play the title on this platform. If we take the words of Lance McDonald, he himself confirms that there are several PlayStation ports in the works for PC, something that does not surprise us because Sony itself could have confirmed the arrival of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Bloodborne can be played on PS4 and through the streaming game service PlayStation Now, although it has also been rumored in recent days that an ambitious version for PS5 it could come sooner rather than later. Would you like the title to come to PC?


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