Blondes for brunettes: Camila Cabello teaches us how to use light brown to look younger

Camila Hair She is one of the celebrities who always takes fashion trends to the max and teaches us multiple ways to look amazing with subtle changes. Recently, the singer of ‘Havana’ changed her look and took one light brown hair in the ‘honey brown’ style, the blonde for brunettes that makes you look younger in seconds.

While the 25-year-old doesn’t need looks that will banish fine lines and wrinkles, It’s a good bet for those over 30 who want to refresh their look.. Blondes will always be a good option to give more light to the face and look more sophisticated, so dare to copy Camila Cabello’s look with this light brown hair color.

Camila Cabello shows off how to wear light brown hair to look younger

Through his Instagram, Camila Cabello shared her new look change in which he highlighted that the singer chose to wear her hair in blonde tones. Although we are used to seeing Camila with a chocolate hair dye, this new look gives more luminosity to her face and another vibe much more modern.

The light brown hair begins to position itself as one of the favorites for the seasonbecause it is a look that looks spectacular on anyone, because it gives certain reflections and luminosity to the face that makes you look more youthful and fresh.

Camila Cabello opted for light brown for her hair. Photo: Instagram @camila_cabello

Camila Cabello bets on the ‘honey brown’ trend, the perfect light brown for brunettes

One of the hair dyes that are in trend is the so-called ‘honey brown‘, a mix between light brown and blonde hair It gives a lot of light to the face. The best thing about the ‘honey brown’ look is that it is low maintenancesince the differences in shades do not reach the root, so you will not have to worry about going to the beauty salon to touch up your hair.

light brown hair
The ‘honey brown’ trend combines light brown with blonde. Photo: Instagram @camila_cabello

What is the brown hair dye that makes you look younger?

Who said that chestnut is not for everyone? This hair color has a wide range of shades that makes it ideal for any type of look. According to experts, if you want to look much younger, you have to choose to wear your hair two shades lighterbecause this way you will bring luminosity to your face and wrinkles and expression lines will be completely hidden.

blondes for brunettes
To look younger, go for a hair color two shades lighter. Photo: Unsplash

We recommend you bring a light brown like Camila Cabello’s and complement with a layered haircut and a curtain-style fringe to give the look more movement and volume.



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