Blizzard will not release Diablo Immortal in countries that ban loot boxes

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Many players who are looking forward to the new game free to play the Blizzard, Diablo ImmortalYou will be disappointed if you live in a country where the famous ‘Loot Boxes’ have been regulated, since Blizzard seems determined not to release its game in these destinations.

How have they revealed y TweakersBlizzard will block the launch of the game in countries such as Belgium or the Netherlands, where governments have introduced legislative changes to prohibit the ‘Loot Boxes’, a controversial mechanic of certain video games that increasingly have more detractors.

Like many other video games that use similar practices, Diablo Immortal will allow you to obtain certain items or gems that can be obtained by investing real money. The problem with ‘Loot Boxes’ is that the user does not know which item and of what value it’s going to touch him, since it is assigned randomly. This in the end it is still a form of bet that causes certain players to show up affected by gambling problems. In fact, the problems derived from these practices mean that more and more countries seek ways to regulate is Loot Boxes’.

It has been the same Blizzard spokesperson who has confirmed that the company will not cast Diablo Immortal on Belgium or the Netherlands due to the “current operating conditions of these countries”.

no doubt heIt is surprising that Blizzard has opted for this solution when it has stopped offering ‘Loot Boxes’ in others games of your trade as Overwatch o Heroes of The Storm.

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