BLITZ – Fast music prohibited in gyms in South Korea

The South Korean government has banned faster music from being played in gyms during group classes, such as aerobics and spinning.

The authorities of that country justify the measure with the risk that, when exercising to the sound of music with more than 120 beats per minute, gym goers run an increased risk of being infected (or infecting) other users with covid-19.

The measure covers many K-pop songs, a popular music genre in the country, and has been met with criticism from opposition parties and gym owners and users. The Government justifies it as an alternative to closing those spaces again.

According to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, the hit ‘Permission to Dance’, by BTS, has 127 beats per minute, ‘Eye of the Tiger’, by Survivor, 108 and ‘Stronger’, by Kanye West, 106. Until ‘ Bob Marley’s Is This Love’ hits the limit with 122 bpm. The same newspaper advances that, of the first ten songs of the playlist of Spotify to exercise, none is below 120 bpm.

South Korea is experiencing a severe covid-19 outbreak, having tightened the rules to try to contain it. In gyms, it is also forbidden to take a shower or walk on the treadmill at more than 6 km/hour

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