Bleaching your hair at home is possible and we know how to do it

Bleaching your hair at home is possible and we know how to do it


Anyone who has ever tried to dye or bleach their hair at home knows how difficult it is to get a good result. But calm down. Next, we will tell you the tips and tricks that you must follow so as not to spoil your hair.

In the advertisements for hair care products –and more specifically in those for hair dyes–, the models wear scandalous dyed and bleached hair. Healthy, shiny and with volume. But, is it possible to obtain the same result if we do the treatment at home? Yes and no.

Frequently, when we resort to this type of treatment, we forget that the natural color and tone of our hair, as well as our hair type, play a very important role in the final result. But, unfortunately, many times we realize this when we have already applied the treatment and, unfortunately, it is too late. Do you know what are the tricks to dye your hair at home and be satisfied with the result? Keep reading.

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How is your mane? A deal breaker

By proxy, you can bleach your hair whatever your hair type and color. However, there are cases in which it is not the most recommended idea. In this way, whether or not it is advisable to bleach your hair depends mainly on the structure of your hair. That is, if you have previously applied other damaging treatments to your hair, such as previous or permanent bleaching, is best avoided. And it is that in previously treated hair, the color is embedded at a very deep level, so, to bleach it again, it would have to be damaged at that deep level. The result? The hair strands, which are very weak, can break.

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The advice of the experts

Let’s not fool ourselves. The best way to dye and bleach our hair is to put ourselves in the hands of a professional.. If so, it is likely that he advises us that, in order for our hair to absorb the color we are looking for, we bleach before dyeing. This is the best method as long as our hair has not been previously bleached. After this treatment, your hair will be able to absorb the color of any dye. Of course, it is recommended that, once the treatment is finished, intense hydration is carried out. Otherwise, the hair can look weak, dull and too brittle.

DIY: how to dye our hair at home?

Attention all those and those who want to venture to bleach your hair at home we know which products you should use and the steps you should follow. First, you will need to “bleach” your hair. As? with a bleaching product. Our favorite is Blond Me Bond Enforcing by Schwarzkopf Professional, available on Amazon for €24.66. Its color molecules dissolve inside the hair and extract the color. Afterwards, they are removed with a rinse.

It is likely that, once you have extracted the color molecules from your hair, you will see yellow reflections. What you need then is a second “rinse” to remove any remaining dye. How to get it? With a toning shampoo. our favorite is he BOLD UNIQ by B Uniq shampoo, available on Amazon for €19.95. With its violet pigments, this product achieves neutralize yellow pigments in a single wash.

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Once you have bleached your hair and it is white, it will be able to absorb the color of any dye. If you dreamed of having pink, purple, green, blue or gray hair, this is the moment. You can show off the mane you want!

Hair bleaching: 3 homemade tricks that work

Los organic treatments and the home remedies They succeed in everything that has to do with hair and skin care and, although it’s hard for you to believe it, there are also some other natural tricks with which we can bleach our hair at home, without the need to resort to chemical products and without excessively damaging our hair. You do not believe it? Take note.

1. Discoloration with chamomile

If you want to bleach your hair, but do not want to damage it excessively or risk damaging it, we advise you to bleach it with chamomile. This ingredient is much more respectful of your hair than any bleach and, furthermore, It’s so easy to apply.

To do this, you will need to boil a handful of chamomile flowers and let it cool. When warm, apply to hair evenly and let it act for about 30 minutes. After this time, clear it up. And There you go!

2. Discoloration with honey
Honey has numerous beneficial properties for the skin and hair and, therefore, often used as a home remedy for many purposes, whether related to health or beauty. But did you know that you can also bleach your hair with it?

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To do it, Mix warm water and honey in a bowl. Apply the mixture all over the hair with a massage and let it sit for an hour. To avoid staining you, cover your hair with a shower cap. To finish, wash your hair as normal and rinse it as usual.

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