Blas, Kibu, Epi… meet the dogs that are looking for a home in Liberando Patitas

Blas, Kibu, Epi… meet the dogs that are looking for a home in Liberando Patitas


Ines Lopez / 04.09.2023 – 08:09h

With thousands of abandoned animals in Spain, the work of volunteers and animal protectors is more valuable than ever, since they are in charge of rescuing and looking for a new home for many dogs and cats, as well as collaborating with municipal animal shelters. An example of the latter is releasing pawsone of the protectors that was born from the volunteer project of the Madrid City Council that originated about fifteen years ago and currently has 30 people.

Argus is looking for a home.

The affectionate one from Argos in search of a new home

The functions of this group of volunteers consist of walking the dogs and socializing the cats that are in the center. “Dogs and cats are the animal species that suffer the most abandonment and that are found in greater numbers in the center,” they detail. “Many of them have been locked up for years until they are adopted or taken out by a protector.” In the photo we are introduced to Argos, a little dog who entered the kennel as a puppy and where he has spent the last four and a half years without anyone taking an interest in him. “He spent a lot of time depressed in his kennel but now he is free and happy, looking for a home where he can experience love and cuddles for the first time in his life.”


Kibo is up for adoption.

The playful Kibu

The center collects animals from the street, as well as shelters those furry ones that people find abandoned and take to the center. Also, for about eight years, they have organized an open day on an annual basis, coinciding with the festival of San Antón, patron saint of animals. “In these days, the center’s staff offers a guided tour to attendees and a couple of talks about its operation and the services they offer to the public,” they say. “Thanks to the initiative of a colleague, supported by the rest of the group, it was requested to increase the number of conferences and focus them on the promotion of animals, presenting several of them to the attendees. We hope to hold one of these conferences in the month of September”. Pictured is Kibu, an eight-year-old Pitbull with the energy of a young dog, but with the maturity of an adult dog. “He spent four years locked up in the kennel and suffered brutal stress, now he lives in a residence,” he detailed. “Kibu is very strong, playful and friendly, he requires a PPP license but you won’t find a better partner.”

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Chini is up for adoption

The super affectionate Chini

Among the dogs, the ones that have been locked up the longest are the so-called PPP (potentially dangerous dogs). “Because of an unfair law and negative publicity, they have been criminalized,” the volunteers say. “They are forced to go on a leash and with a muzzle on public roads and it is necessary to obtain a license to be able to walk them, which makes their adoption very difficult, in fact, 75 percent of the dogs in the center have this classification.” In the photo we can see Chini, one of these cases. According to the volunteers, he is a “spectacular and super affectionate” dog. “He has Leishmania, but he has made it negative, she only takes one pill a day,” they add. “He is a wonderful dog who deserves a home where he finally knows what love is, plus he is sociable with people, other dogs and cats.”


Bimba is up for adoption

Bimba, the sweetest dog in the world

As we have mentioned previously, the work of the volunteers is essential to ensure the well-being of the animals, since thanks to the walks they offer the dogs, “the stress levels caused by confinement are reduced, their habits improve and their way of relating, increasing their chances of adoption”, they explain from Liberando Patitas. In the photo they introduce us to Bimba, whom they classify as “the sweetest dog in the world”. “She is very good and calm, lives in a residence where they are in love with her,” they say. “She is sociable with people and with dogs, she is totally ready to live in a home.”

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Gilberto is up for adoption.

Gilberto’s infinite curiosity

Going further, several of the volunteers who are part of the project have formed their own animal protection organizations that are in charge of removing the dogs that have been there the longest, the oldest and those with a health problem, such as is the example of Liberando Patitas. “Thanks to these protectors, there is also a great dissemination of the animals through social networks or adoption events,” they comment. In the photo is Gilberto, a Belgian Malinois Shepherd who, like all dogs of his breed, is very curious and has a great capacity for learning. “He is a dog who loves challenges, he is looking for someone who spends time teaching him and working on his infinite curiosity,” they say from the shelter. “He is quite impulsive and needs to work on the first contacts, but we help you with training if necessary.”


Epi is looking for a home.

playful epi

The care and maintenance of the animals that are in the animal protection center is the responsibility of the Madrid Salud administrative body, dependent on the Madrid City Council and is paid for with the taxes paid by citizens. However, in the case of the protectors that have been born from volunteers (such as Liberando Patitas), “the expenses of the animals are paid for with the help of partners and volunteers as well as the organization of events and solidarity markets on different dates of the year “, they explain. In the photo we see Epi, who was abandoned along with his brother Blas and found in a cardboard box on the street. “Hopefully someone will offer to adopt the two together, because they are very close,” say the volunteers. “They are the joy of the house, with them there is no boredom, as good puppies they are happy, playful and a little junk.”

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Blas is looking for a family.

Blas, the junk

To adopt both with Liberando Patitas, and with the animal protection center of the Madrid City Council, it is necessary to complete a pre-adoption questionnaire, a visit and an interview. “In addition, the protector keeps track of the adopted animal and helps with the procedures and paperwork involved in taking care of an animal (health certificate, license in case of being a PPP, etc.)”, they add from Liberando Patitas. In the photo we are introduced to Blas, Epi’s brother who, as messy as his brother, is still waiting for a home, hoping not to have to part with his brother.


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