Blanket on the legs, trembling and coughing: yellow on the Tsar’s health conditions

Most may have missed a detail: during yesterday’s May 9 parade, Putin he appeared to be in good health especially when he delivered his speech in a firm voice, no trembling or hesitating. He seemed “the same as always”. In reality, the cameras (video at the bottom of the article) subsequently lingered on some moments of the parade in which the Tsar sat next to the war veterans: as can be seen, the Russian president took a seat with a heavy cover winter on the legs. Freddo? Of course, each of us has our own “threshold” of cold but on May 9 in Moscow it was 14 degrees, the sun was high in the sky and it seemed there was an almost Italian climate.

New signs of malaise?

Alone it can be a negligible clue but if you link it to frequent ones limps when he went to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier to lay a wreath and to the attacks of cough that those present tell, well, the usual three clues constitute proof that the Tsar is not necessarily in top form. Even the Daily Mail stresses that while the other veterans, albeit older than Putin, looked fitter, the Tsar did not give this impression at least in the moments mentioned above. These are certainly “rumors” given that the Kremlin has always been more silent than a grave on the true state of health of its president, but the clues have accumulated over time and certainly not with three details observed during the parade. These three details add to the long list of problems it would have at least from 2020 if not before the start of the pandemic.

The disease in a video

As we saw in, during the meeting a few weeks ago with the Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, in the video published by the Kremlin, the Tsar “holds” himself at the table, all the time, with his right hand as if he were in standing in a precarious situation. It is probable, possible, that he wanted to disguise the Parkinson’s disease that have been attributed to him for some time now and to prevent the tremor of his hand from being seen live. In 2020, the political analyst Valery Solovei had also hypothesized another disease, cancer, the one for which in the next few days he could be subjected to surgery to remove it and temporarily hand over the command of operations to General Nikolai Patrushev, very loyal to Putin is well “trained” on what to do.

The rumors are many, the clues as well: is it possible that they are all false and wrong? Hard to believe but the Russian silence goes on as if nothing had happened. We will discover the truth over time, thanks to which all the pieces of the puzzle will then be put (or not) in their place.



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