Blanca Paloma in Eurovision: when is the first rehearsal and key dates

Blanca Paloma in Eurovision: when is the first rehearsal and key dates

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There is less and less left for our representative to This year’s Eurovision gets on the big stage in Liverpool where will interpret ‘EaEa’, the lullaby who triumphed at the Benidorm Fest to fight for the crystal microphone in this 2023 edition of one of the most important music festivals in the world.

White Dove is the name that resonates as one of the favorites of many eurofans and big names in the industry surrounding the festival. His ‘flamenco electronic lullaby’ is a risky and groundbreaking bet that follows the line of surprise that Chanel already unleashed last year with its ‘SlowMo‘. The artist achieved a third place that tasted like victory, since she was only surpassed by Ukraine, the winner, and the United Kingdom, the country in which the 2023 edition is celebrated due to the impossibility of doing so in Ukraine due to the war.

Thus, preparations begin in Liverpool, the city chosen to host Eurovision this year. With this the official rehearsals begin, which can be enjoy and officially see the latest versions of the candidate songs, since sometimes there are unexpected changes or details are added or removed to give more value to the final performance. In the case of Blanca Paloma, will rehearse her ‘EaEa’ officially on the following dates:

-Blanca Paloma’s first essay: May 4, Thursday, at 5:20 p.m.Spanish time.

-Second essay by Blanca Paloma: May 6, Saturday, at 1:10 p.m.Spanish time.

But it should be remembered that the situation in Spain is different from that of most countries qualified for the Eurovision semifinals. Many of them have already made their first test and will have to face the second in these days. But why is the Spanish situation different and why do they rehearse later?

The reason is because Spain is part of the privileged group known as the ‘Big five’, made up of the founding countries of the festival and with years of history within it. Thus, to this group of the big five always belong Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and the winner of the previous edition, in this case Ukraine.

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These countries They have their direct pass to the finaland the semifinal phase will not have to be put to a vote to fight for the first place of the 67th edition of Eurovision, as it happens to others such as Greece or Belgium, among many others.

This situation makes the ‘Big five’, which includes Spain, rehearse for the first time when other countries have already done so, and even when they have already rehearsed twice.

Other key dates for Blanca Paloma

Returning to the protagonist who will try to take Spain to the top in Eurovision this 2023, there are other important dates to take into account in these days before the grand final on May 13. Added to the two days of official rehearsals, on May 7th the turquoise carpet will take place where all the participants can be seen passing by and where they can be briefly interviewed.

Days later, more rehearsals and the first semifinal will take place on May 9, and the next day, May 10, the general rehearsal of the Second Semifinal will take place with the performance of Blanca Paloma again. It will be on May 12 when the last general rehearsal is carried out, already knowing the positions in which each country has to act.

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