Blame the woman. New details about Varela’s flight

On July 17, Dynamo defender Guillermo Varela gave a short comment to a journalist in which he assured that he would remain in the RPL until the end of the season, since he had a valid contract with the club. However, a week later, one day before the match against Torpedo, the Uruguayan suddenly packed up and left the team’s base without notifying anyone about it. His departure was a surprise both for all partners and for the management, which did not receive an official paper on the suspension of the contract. What influenced Varela, who changed his shoes so quickly?

Initially, it was reported that Guillermo Varela was ready to stay at Dynamo. but for this, he and his agent went according to the scheme of Zenit legionnaires, who decided to squeeze the maximum out of the current situation and sign a new contract on improved terms. But the demands were almost unrealistic: to double the salary, as well as give a bonus to the agent. Dynamo refused to give a new contract, which finally convinced Varela of the correctness of the decision to leave the RPL.

But later it turned out that the desire to improve the contract was only a pretext, and the real reason lies elsewhere. Not the last role in the ugly act of the Uruguayan was played by his companion Paula, who had ceased to be in Russia since the beginning of March, and after that she began to have suspicions about the betrayal of the football player. Maintaining a healthy relationship and controlling your lover is much easier if he is nearby, so Paula insisted on Varela’s transfer to South America, namely to Flamengo.

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Sooner or later, such a development of events could be expected. Representatives of Varela – Pablo and Oscar Bentancur – got into a lot of different scandals during their lives. For example, Oscar spent nine months in prison at the beginning of the 2000s for killing a 16-year-old girl in his car, in 2004 he was again caught for drunk driving, and in 2012, cousins ​​were charged with creating an illegal prostitution business. Perhaps Paula’s suspicions about Varela’s infidelities are not so groundless.

In addition, the Bentancourt brothers do not have a very clean reputation on their continent. A number of Uruguayan clubs completely refused to cooperate with these agents, as there were several cases when Oscar and Pablo brazenly and unexpectedly took away their clients – about the same as in the case of Varela. Now the image of agents in Russia has also fallen below nowhere, and it is unlikely that any RPL club will dare to cooperate with them.

Varela’s departure is a collective decision that should not be solely blamed on the player’s girlfriend. There are questions to all of the above characters.



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