‘Blame it all’

“This situation is unsustainable”, affirmed the director of the Cipolletti hospital, Claudia Muñoz, about the health crisis that the region is going through due to the coronavirus pandemic. The doctor made it clear that the health system overflowed yesterday and that all health personnel, public and private, are working to prevent the definitive collapse of medical care.

Yesterday there was a peak in demand for covid cases and the guard collapsed. As a matter of urgency, health agents who were on rest, including doctors and nurses, were summoned to give a hand in this “borderline” situation that the town is experiencing. Muñoz highlighted “the commitment” of the work team and He assured that everything is overwhelmed, both the public and private systems.

“It is no longer public and private health,
we are one, working together to respond to this pandemic, because it is something that we will never stop doing, but nowhere will we be able to sustain this demand, “he said.

Regarding the accompaniment of many professionals yesterday, the head of the Alto Valle Oeste health center pointed out that: “It was a very valuable act on the part of all, one feels very accompanied by this team, but we are people like everyone else and society does not seem to understand it. “

He acknowledged that the second wave is about to bring down the system And what a great responsibility society has because it does not respect the regulations. He argued that health personnel have almost tripled since the beginning of the pandemic and that many intensive care beds have been added, but that the solution is not to continue adding more resources, because there are none and because there must be a commitment from society.

“It seems that people still do not understand, the only ones who become aware are the people who have a sick relative or relative, then we continue the same. The clandestine parties continue and when there is no bed they blame the government, the state. The other is always to blame and we have to take charge, it is everyone’s fault, “he said.

Yesterday there was a great job in the Cipoleño hospital to condition the cardiology area to treat covid patients, in addition a sector of the guard was transformed into an admission room.

Muñoz warned that the second wave especially affects young people, under 50 without previous pathologies, something that was not observed during the first wave, between August and December of last year.

“We no longer see Mauritian adults waiting for a respirator or a bed, but younger people, people of 40, 45 years old without previous pathologies are dying, so what are we waiting for to become aware,” he said.

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