Blackouts are becoming more and more constant

Blackouts are becoming more and more constant

They report that in some sectors and in the center of Maturín the electricity fails two and three times a day

Merchants and families Maturin with feel increasingly overwhelmed by the constant blackouts in the city, many of them for several hours, without sufficient information about it, according to some of those affected.

Not only in the neighborhoods and communities, but also in the heart of the capital as well as foreign municipalities, complaints about blackouts are daily occurrences. Inhabitants of different sectors fear losing their belongings due to fluctuations.

High voltage

«The electricity goes out up to two or three times a day and when it comes back it is very high or very low, so that can burn the money that no one is going to pay us, and how can one buy a refrigerator, a fan even if one does not have a single to eat,” said María Hernández, who lives in the La Muralla sector.

Likewise, Luzmarina Salazar mentioned that on the weekend the electricity would be cut off in the morning and it was only at night when the rationing was carried out. «I live in El Silencio and they had said that for that entire area this was going to be rationed in the morning and one is scheduled, but it turns out that they did it at night and that was horrible, the darkness and if it is during the day the heat,” he said.

Without stopping, the blackouts are becoming more and more constant la power plant
Some businesses find it necessary to use diesel plants

Sin internet

The merchants, for their part, indicate that sometimes the power goes out and the point stops working, so they lose sales because customers get tired of waiting and go to other businesses where there is electricity.

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“Sometimes you charge enough for the battery of the computer and the point to last, but sometimes, everything falls down and you are the one who loses, those who work best are those who have a diesel plant,” said a merchant who did not want to. be identified.

“Today he left twice, the first time lasted about 30 minutes and the second time ten, but he leaves every day for up to two hours or more,” said Álvaro González, who works in a commercial establishment on Bicentenario Avenue.

Telecommunications are another weak point, as they require the Internet to spread the news; most of the time when the power fails, the Internet takes a while to return and consequently, the information chain is delayed.

This happens, not only in Maturín, but also in foreign municipalities, such as Caripe, Libertador, Acosta, Bolívar, Punceres. Everyone has suffered failures with the electricity service.

Without stopping, the blackouts are becoming more and more constant la without internet
Many businesses and media depend on the Internet and, therefore, on electricity

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